Apple has been criticized by some environmental organizations for its recycling practices. These activists claimed that Apple was slow to remove toxic chemicals from their products and lacked a proper recycling plan for old products.

Steve Jobs addressed these complaints in a letter entitled “A Greener Apple.” The consensus of the note was that Apple was currently (or would soon be) leading the pack in all measurable areas of environmental impact. Apple products like MacBooks and Mac Pros certainly seem environmentally friendly thanks to their aluminum builds, but what about the iPhone?

The folks over at Geekaphone have just finished their green study of the iPhone and have wrapped the results into this delightful infographic. Even if you’re not interested in the environmental impact of Apple’s smartphone, the facts at the bottom are worth the read.

What do you think?

  • Armando Lara

    Sorry.. I didn’t hear what you said.. what were you saying? *plays Angry Birds on iPhone*

  • Trent

    Hmm thanks for the info?

  • Rodrigo Moon

    I think that Apple is not doing a proper work on it. But if we consider all of the other companies and see there recycling ratio, Apple would be one of the companies that do the best job in this task. Although, it’s still a bad job =/ Like Steve JOBS… JOBS JOB JOBS JOB! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Okay. Sorry bout that… Nice infographic!
    Lemme me ask you (reader) something: If you have a iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 5 launches tomorrow, would you buy it to replace your old iPhone or would you wait until you can’t use it anymore to buy a new one?
    Think about that before criticizing how Apple recycles their trash. I mean, OUR TRASH. If we didn’t have this compulsive need of buying something new and better avery time we see it, Earth would be very pleased, thank you.

  • Stark


  • Apple isn’t God

    Apple doesn’t care about any thing, except being dominant and arrogant in the expense of acolytes intelligences and environment. Their nonsensical patents cover their asses.

    • Jack

      Get your head out of your ass. Apple is a for-profit corporation whose endgame is to supply consumers with desirable products, which is something they happen to do very well, considering their large market cap, buzz around new products, and market share. This is the way that capitalism and economics work as a whole. So before you go criticizing apple, make sure that you criticize every other for-profit corporation. (Not that I’m saying Apple is a perfect company). Besides, what the hell does your post even mean? How the hell do they expend acolytes or intelligence? And as far as environmental consciousness goes, Apple happens to be rather strong as far as massive multinational corporations go. Is there room for improvement? You bet your ass, but they also do more than most other companies. And why the hell are you complaining about patents? That is what EVERY tech company does, in fact its the premise of the entire business, which is why everyone is always suing everyone.

      All I’m saying is, think before you post, because you have made absolutely zero sense and typify common ignorance.

  • deltaHELIX

    This isn’t a criticism of the article, but rather the infographic itself. The information presented is interesting, and appears to paint a picture that is both bleak and a story of success simultaneously. For example, cutting down on fuel by 14% due to more efficient packaging is great. The little factoid about all of the iphones being charged once being equated to a single light bulb for 357 years? Kind of a little strange and quite frankly irrelevant. A lightbulb does not consume an inordinate amount of energy (it’s horribly inefficient, but comparatively, not a lot of straight up electrical energy) and considering that there are millions upon millions of iPhones, I think that information is rather worthless and appears to be attempting to stir controversy where there needn’t be. Without providing any background information or other statistics from rival companies, I’m left feeling confused as to whether or not Apple is taking steps in the right direction. I agree with previous posters that the burden of recycling does not fall on Apple, but rather on the end user. Apple has been designing products that are far more recyclable, but if we don’t take the time to actually do the recycling, then it doesn’t matter and who are we to be critical? (This doesn’t mean I think that we need to use devices until they stop working, just that when we do upgrade, we do the responsible thing and actually recycle the old tech.)

  • really great collection…

    10$ a day in cheap is the wage there,..though iphone is that expensive..

    • CPAmember

      That’s why apple is 1# in profit.

    • CPAmember

      That’s why apple is 1# in terms of profit.

  • We hate or like apple but the products are great and we help them get profit from us

  • dabe

    Who is throwing away an old iPhone? People either sell there old phone or give it to a friend. I mean really can you imagine someone throwing away an iPhone 3GS because they upgraded to a 4? Selling used phones to others who WILL keep using them until they break completely is way better than recycling working iPhones and building new ones.

  • Killy_de_Chine

    Since I have my iPhone 4:
    – with google map, I find easily bus route, and thus I use much more than before the bus.
    – I buy less paper magazine
    Is that included in the total amount of CO2 that I discharged thanks to my iPhone

    • Fabio Rodrigues


      They forgot to mention these kind of “side effects”, since I got mine iphone 4, I spend lees time in my computer, so I am saving energy, because I have a lot of cables in my computer, I save energy because I don need to use my speakers and subwoofer, I save money with cable tv and electricity, I dont need to buy a gps, so I saved money again, and one less box to the enviroment, how the androids makers are reducing, since they have more diversity of devices they should a better way, oh wait, about packages, I see bluetooths packges bigger than the iphone boxes, bigger boxes=more espace (for smallers devices)

      This post is interesting, but useless.

      if talk about enviroment means count all this things, they have missed a lot of “side effects” lets say…


  • ddr

    Will people ever get off the greenhouse gas bandwagon…? My grandpa can scientifically prove that humans would have to go to great lengths to CREATE climate change, not the other way around (he’s a PhD in science btw). What this infographic doesn’t take into account is how relatively huge the earth is compared to the amounts of waste. If the earth has thrived in billions of years of evolution like most of these scientists believe (not my belief), then it can evolve itself to compensate for a little bit of CO2.

    • Jack

      You’re an idiot and your grandpa is a hack. This is also coming from a Ph. D scientist. Also, if you’re grandpa can PROVE that climate change is a hoax he would rapidly become one of the most successful and renowned scientists in the field. So I’m going to call bullshit. Furthermore there is an astounding body of evidence that the earth is billions of years old, so take your creationism views elsewhere and spout them to the other zealots who deny simple science.

      • Ddr

        Wow Jack, Hateful maybe? The fact is my grandpa is retiring in May, and frankly he’s betting this whole climate change thing to fall apart by himself. You know the hoaxes that went on in Al Gore’s hockey stick stats.

        If you think the earth is so self-improving, then it follows that CO2 emissions will lead to more and better evolutions. Of course you know this isn’t the case. And oh btw, I know personally that the three states in the US I live in part time have all had record cold winters, not to mention the fact that it’s mid-April and it’s still snowing up north. I’m just a kid, and I can see there’s no drastic global warming or sea level rising happening.

      • Jack

        I don’t care if you’re grandpa is retiring. If any scientist could PROVE that global warming is a hoax, the legacy they would leave behind is too enticing not to pursue. He may have evidence that he believes may help to SUPPORT a refutation of climate change, but there is no way he would retire if he himself were capable of disproving the theory. Sorry, not buying it. Now, onto specific problems with your post:

        A) No one ever said the earth is so self improving, as you put it. Fact is, rampant green house gas emissions is irreparably damaging the environment at a rate that the earth cannot adapt, that’s why this is a problem. Don’t believe me? Then why are we in the middle of a mass extinction, which is widely accepted to be the result of human action?

        B) Evolution occurs on an incredibly long time scale. So if this climate change were to occur over several million years, then yes, species would adapt. Fact is that with the rate at which humans are affecting climate change, there is no time for evolution to occur.

        C) That’s why this is global climate change You seem to be confused on the difference between weather and climate. Just because it’s cold for a couple of months does not negate the fact that there is climate change. For the same reason, snow in April is also an example of weather, and not climate. Look it up. Those three states that recorded record lows, will also likely record record highs this summer, while we will continue to see an increase in the prevalence of severe weather.

        D) No sea level rising? You’re kidding right? The polar ice caps are melting at an astonishing rate, which over time (decades, not even years) will lead to rises in sea level. Just because calamity has not struck yet does not mean that it’s not happening. You just don’t seem to have a grasp on the time scale that these changes are occurring.

        Every one is entitled to their own opinion, provided that they do the necessary work to make sure that it is supported by reasonable facts and evidence. Science is not a game of absolutes, but is instead a measure of theories and supporting evidence. I will not say that global climate change is absolute, but the mounting body of evidence that supports it is astounding.

  • Jason Masters

    Not really news….

  • Khlbt

    If you are ever in doubt about Apple products being environmentally unfriendly and instead of slagging off their products, the simplest answer to the environmental issue is DO NOT buy Apple products…simple as that I reckon.

  • Khlbt

    If you are ever in doubt about Apple products being environmentally unfriendly and instead of slagging off their products, the simplest answer to the environmental issue is DO NOT buy Apple products…simple as that.

  • Somebal

    I dont care, I want an Iphone!
    Ref: flash animation I want an Iphone!

  • JK

    EVERYBODY I have talked to so far today IS THROWING AWAY THEIR IPHONE…..