Dual-SIM adapters have been available for the iPhone for a while. It’s even speculated that we could see dual-SIM technology show up in the iPhone 5. If none of the current offerings for dual-SIM adapters appeal to you, you might want to see what Rebel Simcard has cooked up.

The Rebel 2Phone case for the iPhone 4 will give your device the ability to make and receive phone calls on 2 different lines, or 2 different carriers. The coolest part is that both SIMs are active at the same time, meaning you can make calls on both lines simultaneously…

The case is actually an all-in-one accessory with multiple purposes. It has a SIM card slot built into the inside of the back cover that connects to your iPhone via the charging port. This is a major improvement over previous dual-SIM designs, which commonly has the second SIM card dangling alongside the outside of the device.

That’s not all, the 2Phone case also contains a rechargeable battery that powers the dual SIM operation. Not only does it not drain your iPhone battery when making calls on the 2nd SIM card, it will actually recharge your iPhone if your battery gets low.

It is important to note that the case will only work with jailbroken devices. Their 2Phone app that allows phone calls on the 2nd SIM card obviously didn’t meet App Store requirements.

The entire invention is housed in an attractive case that seems to be easy to get on and off. The device is currently available from Rebel’s website and will run you approximately $250.

This would be great for someone looking to have multiple lines on their iPhone. You could also instantly switch to a different carrier when service on your main carrier gets shoddy. Although I couldn’t justify a $250 accessory like this and 2 phone bills, the product is certainly innovative.

What do you think? Would you order one of these?

  • already read at redmondpie….lollz

    • slightly_broken

      good for you?

  • Shaz

    thats actually pretty damn cool. great idea for when people have one work phone and one personal phone. if i ever need this i know where to go now 🙂

  • Radu

    it’s great for people who travel outside the country 🙂 you could use two sim cards for two different countries. the price is exaggerated though 🙁

    • Bass

      That’s the first thing that came to my mind since I’m going abroad later this year… $250 for 2 months though? Think I’ll try and find something cheaper…

  • Iyes I def would buy …. if $20 -$30 Australian
    $250 though is just a joke!

  • Dan

    Great idea, but too expensive?

  • ZebSogo

    I Want One i have 2 carriers and would really benefit for this product.. …. Darn to expensive though : \

  • JoBerlin

    This is really cool! I don’t need it but I like the idea:
    The case is actually a second phone stripped down to the necessary parts: quadband gsm module + simcard slot + battery the other stuff like speaker and mic is provided by the iPhone.
    Unfortunately there is no info if it’s possible to use wireless data and messaging on the case’s network.
    “Message” is shown arround 2:45 in the video but no further details whether it’s SMS or not are given 🙁
    If anybody knows or uses that case please post!

    • Vitica

      Please Post!!

    • C Tanasescu

      You can only receive/make calls and receive/send SMS from your second SIM card; you cannot use the second SIM card for internet, mails or whatever else and it has no bluetooth or wi-fi capabilities.
      I have a 2phone and I must tell you that I don’t mind using the internet on the 1st SIM card only. As for the rest, it works just great and the price has dropped too, I bought it for 109 euros.

  • babeh

    too much for 250… better had cheapo android for second device.

    • Sarwoto


  • c0edx

    I hate when they make stupid videos with stupid techno music.

  • With you c0edx …
    Must be a late April Fool’s joke!

  • icyhotonmynuts

    So let me get this straight.. I need to charge my phone AND the case/second sim adaptor?
    What if I just want to charge my iPhone? I need to remove the case in order to do so? Because its port is taken over by the case.

    • JoBerlin

      Looks like there is a built in micro-USB Port. I guess it’s connected to the Dockconnector. But would be nice to know.

  • Ike


  • What The Fuck!

    Unlock i4

  • Qbtgo

    This is really cool but only problem I have that I have to jail break my phone to get it I don’t like the fact of jailbreaking u don’t know what can happen

  • ZebSogo

    I have had one now for a week and it is excellent. Yes jailbreaking is easy and nothing to worry about. I have it on good authority Rebel2 are bringing out a newer model with Bluetooth capabilities and more

  • Nuno

    This is great for ppl who have a work phone yet still want to keep their personal one.

    Also a second battery is great. Perhaps they should design one of these for android phones!! :))

  • Patrick Bisschops

    Hi Tanasescu,

    I have 2phone installed on my Iphone. For some unclear reason however it disconnects after 10 minutes or so. Is this a known problem? Do you what I can do about it?


  • Tinna Counsell

    Yes if it worked on all iPhones not jail broken ones.