Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. According to a recent report from Millenial Media, iOS is the hottest platform right now for developers and advertisers. The Application Platform Mix is part of Millenial Media’s monthly Mobile Mix report.

The release is full of statistics on market share and advertising impressions by mobile device platform. While Android seems to sustain a lead in the smartphone market by sheer volume, iOS is still considered the most profitable platform

We’ve talked about the difference between the quality of iPhone apps versus apps on Android. Software made for iOS tends to be more polished than its Android counterparts.

A lot of that is due to Android being available on such a wide range of devices. Developers have to be aware that devices with resolutions ranging from 240×320 to 480×800 could be using their software.

Whatever the case, Apple’s current strategy for their iOS apps seems to be working. The iOS platform is currently hogging almost half of all total revenues from mobile application sales. Their staggering 47% is only contested by Android at 36%.

The report also mentions that Apple’s ad impressions are up. In fact, thanks to the addition of the Verizon iPhone, Apple’s ad impressions are growing at 29% month-t0-month. That’s up 11% over the previous month and gives Apple a 6% lead over Google.

Android’s second place shouldn’t surprise you. It’s been well documented that users are more likely to purchase apps on iOS than Google’s mobile platform. I guess we are more likely to click on advertisements as well.

At any rate, these results echo a positive vibe coming from the Cupertino company. Apple’s Q2 financial results are set to be revealed next Wednesday and the iPhone maker is expected to exceed analysts’ expectations.

It appears that Apple’s often-criticized App Store policies are paying off in dividends. Their stringent submission guidelines regarding the look and feel of iOS apps certainly seem to produce higher quality mobile software.

What do you think?


  • Clicking on ads? I’ve almost never click an ad on my iPod on purpose. Only time was to see if one of those scam ads were real, and since a non-jailbroken iPod can’t get viruses I was pretty safe. Usually I’m playing a game and whoops, clicked that belly-thinning link or shaving cream commercial.

    • Anonymous

      Non-jailbroken phones/ipods could get a virus. Remember the PDF exploit last year that led to the jailbreaking of iOS 4.0 ?

    • Jon Garrett

      News about Android vs Apple is becoming like getting news about Politics in Washington. both sides claim to be better than the other and its practically impossible to get the truth.

      I saw several articles about this very same topic but they all said Android has outperformed Apple.

  • Jimbo

    I think apple is always going to be winning on this

  • HWO

    Sometimes rules (apples’s rules in this case) are there for help us (users) to get a better experience. Well, that’s what numbers are saying.

    • Jason Masters

      I agree long live the user!