The iTable is the first coffee table made out of a giant stack of iPhone 4s. Well, at least it looks like it’s made out of a giant stack of iPhone 4s.

Based on a concept by Kyle Buckner, the iTable is the first venture into Apple-themed furniture. Equipped with an iPhone dock, sound system, touch sensitive controls, and LED cup holders, the iTable is the ultimate living room piece for the Apple enthusiast.

The only sad thing is that you probably won’t be able to jailbreak the iTable…

The hand-crafted industrial design of the iTable will ensure awesome build quality. The touch sensitive trigger for turning the sound system on will make you feel like you’re in Minority Report. When you swipe your hand over the trigger area, speakers rise out of the iTable and allow you to play music through your docked iPhone.

And who doesn’t like LED cup holders? The iTable will make the perfect living room companion for any iDevice geek.

There isn’t a price currently set for the iTable, but, like anything Apple-related, it probably won’t be cheap.

What do you think of the iTable? Would you consider buying one?

[Cult of Mac]

  • Joeyjojo

    Probably a little pricey, but I would have one.

  • XepptizZ

    Thats a lotta table for two cups,,,

  • Eddie for definate. Ace

  • ddr


  • MP

    If it was a desk maybe…

  • Jason Masters

    Hard to have with kids in house they’d swipe the thing on/off all damn day!!
    But it is a nice piece very innovative very sleek and sexy!!

  • Cameron

    Must be a bumer trying to get it into DFU mode 😀

    • Andrew

      Haha. Nice

  • Mac


  • iphoneuser16

    I Would Use it as my desk at work. Lovin The Cup Holders

  • Izenguard

    Huge table for cup holders and speakers i dont think it worth it !!

  • Freshest1

    Me wants..lol. I am going to get one as soon as they go on sale.

  • r0cket

    Can we Jailbreak this table and mod it? lol

  • Faester

    I would install Folderenhancer on it! It would help me organize a fee things..

  • Faester

    * fee = few

  • Memo

    Hopefully it’s not too expensive

  • xenontac

    any bumper case to go with this?