Earlier this week, the jailbreak for Apple’s latest iOS 4.3.1 was released. Anyone with an iPad on the latest firmware, couldn’t even attempt hacking it until last Sunday night. It was then that the Dev Team finally released a much-awaited jailbreaking solution to the masses.

But why on earth would anyone want to hack their iPad? This is a question I get asked a lot by friends and family members. In all honesty, I could go on for hours on why I have my iDevices jailbroken. Everything from my iPhone to my Apple TV2 has received the jailbreaking treatment, and everything in between.

But in the interest of time and space, I figured I would just put together a top 5 list of reasons why you would want to jailbreak your iPad. Hopefully it benefits some of you that may still be on the fence about the whole idea.


1. It’s super easy

Although hacking iOS software is extremely complex, programmers like the Dev Team develop software to make the process extremely simple. These programs make jailbreaking as easy as following a few on screen instructions. If for some reason you do mess up, you can generally just restore in iTunes and start the process over.

2. Cydia

For those of you who aren’t familiar with jailbreaking, Cydia is an app store very similar to Apple’s App Store. It is generally the only icon that is initially added to your home screen once you have jailbroken. It contains everything from apps to iOS tweaks. Every other item on this list comes from Cydia.

3. Customizable Themes

Apple didn’t build a lot of customization options into iOS. It’s only been in the last year that they’ve allowed you change the wallpaper on your iDevice home screen. Customizable themes, allow you to give your iPad a complete makeover.

4. Tweaks

Tweaks can enable extra features, or build on old ones. Their overall purpose is to make using your iPad simpler. SBSettings is a popular tweak in the jailbreak scene. It enables a drop down menu, accessible from your iPad’s top status bar, with shortcuts to Wi-Fi and bluetooth. You don’t have to open Settings and go through menus to enable bluetooth, you can just tap the shortcut in SBSettings.

5. Cast Out Applications

Everything from productivity apps to full featured messangers are available in the Cydia store. Many of these were denied entry into Apple’s App Store for violating one of their submission rules. Without Apple’s strict limitations, developers are given the opportunity to be truly innovative.

Like I said the list could have gone on much longer than that, especially if it were broken down into specific tweaks and apps that I liked. If this interested you enough that you would like to give jailbreaking a shot, try our easy step by step guide here, or here if you have Windows.

What are the top 5 reasons you jailbreak your iPad?

  • Turn Your iPhone Into A Mobile Code Reader With The NeoReader





  • “The NeoReader is a universal barcode scanning application that reads all standard 2D barcode symbologies — QR, Data Matrix, Aztec — so iPhone users won’t need multiple barcode readers. ”

    HMM, go figure. Apple finally got it right!!!!!

    Good for them and even better for the consumer / web user.

  • mazi

    What is the SBSettings theme??? love it 🙂

  • Adam

    I thought you were going to give me 5 reasons as to why I SHOULD jailbreak?

    As far as I’m concerned none of those reasons benefit the end user, just the developers. The customizations are probably the only reason to consider jail breaking but let’s be honest if you want to sell the idea on that, use some pretty screenshots not ugly messes like the ones you chose.

    In my experience jail breaking also means shit battery. I completely applaud the guys that managed to hack their phones and I definitely consider it every time an update comes out. Then I look at what I get out of it and still don’t see a valid reason.

    I’m an iOS developer myself, not as good as the dev team mind you lol, but I know enough to not bother with a jailbreak. I read this article hoping for something to change my mind, but with those screenshots it only reinforced my original opinion, that jail breaking turns your iPhone into a windows mobile handset. Ugly, slow and full of shit I don’t need!

    • mripod64

      Ahem! you only fill it with what YOU want. jailbreaking does NOT effect the battery (unless of course your using a setting that requires more power but thats your fault anyways for turning it on).
      And just cause those aren’t the best screenshots doesn’t mean anything, there is a TON of stuff you can do besides what they show you here. can you play your favorite GBA games on your iPhone without a JB? i think not. Can you get free paid apps? i think not.

      if you have nothing positive to say about jailbreaking then no one wants your opinion.

      • Julian


  • Chad

    +1 on sbsettings theme. Also, what’s the widget(s) being used on the screenshot with the calendar on the left?

  • DrDJ

    I JB Ipad2 can be connected to an alternative overseas 3G phone network (ATT compatible)?

  • Jailbreakme

    Those have to be the 5 most lame arguments for jail breaking a Ipad.
    Yea you can get free paid apps, so what!
    You can get themes for it, again sorry but most suck.
    Why would be one reason to jail break it just because it is easy? So is jumping off a bridge but you know what can happen then.
    Yea, you get cydia and can get all kinds of apps Apple does not approve of, still not a great point.

    To jail break a Iphone i would say has many benefits, different carriers, tethering the phone,plus not being restricted to folder size and so on…

    Still not very good arguments for jail breaking a Ipad, I had my jail-broke and never really saw any benefit.