If you’re a person that likes to upgrade to the newest iPhone each year, still having not completed the previous 2-year commitment you signed, AT&T offers an early upgrade price. That upgrade price is usually about double that of the full 2-year contract pricing for new customer/eligible ugprades.

The guys over at AndroidCentral seem to have obtained an internal AT&T document that shows early upgrade price increased for the iPhone by $50.

If you think $50 is a lot, AT&T is increasing early upgrade pricing for Android, Windows Phone 7, and and BlackBerry smartphones by $150 for a one year contract, and $50 if purchased outright. According to the document, the increase goes into effect beginning April 3rd 2011.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

  • zjg

    This is crap. That being said, I’ve gotten a new iPhone every year since 2007 at the $199/$299 new 2 yr price. So I can’t really bitch about it. But it’s still crap for the rest of you.

  • Juan

    I’d prefer to just buy it outright… no commitment. Doesn’t look like that’s happening. or?

    • MrA

      You’re able to do that already I believe.

  • zjg

    You can buy it outright, no commitment, but they’re also raising the price of that.

  • Tony

    It’s nice when billion $$ companies show their appreciation to long standing loyal customers by raising their upgrade prices. I was going to upgrade but I really think I’m just going to pass this year.

  • Macman4ever

    Gives people one more reason to switch to Verizon, assuming the next iPhone will be released to both carriers. At that point, the only question I’ll be asking is whether my grandfathered unlimited plan is worth the increased fee. Seems to me AT&T is just paving the way for its customers to migrate elsewhere.

  • sOleFresh

    I believe this is only for EARLY upgrades. So for those who are not eligible for upgrades bit want to do so early. Keep in mind a lot of customers are considered ELIGIBLE after completing about 12-18 months of their agreement. Example..you bought a 3Gs as an upgrade for $49 and 6months later you want an iPhone for. Your account will not let you upgrade so and Early Upgrade is given still at a discount from the full price of $599-$699 to $399-$499. This is only an example..I’ll jus have to findout if they are changing the amount of time needed to be ‘ELIGIBLE’ for the full discounted upgrade.

  • Manuel

    I guess it’s nice to see those 1000 “free” Rollover minutes that people got from at&t weren’t free after all. Not to mention the other crap they tried to give people. I guess sooner or later, it will come out of your pockets.

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    It’s a monopoly… They have a lot of customers… So they raise the price. People should actually start switching companies now…

    • Manuel

      And where are they going to go? If T-Mobile and Metro PCS in the US is the cheapest. at&t is taken T-Mobile, hopefully it won’t be approved but It probably would. People have rumors on Verizon going after Sprint because of this. I went to Verizon but I’m paying for the same I was paying on at&t. You don’t win either way bro. That’s why a lot of those upward from the states laugh at us for paying these crazy bills.

      • Andrew

        Us in the great white north pay more than you do 🙂

  • Joel

    So true Andrew… I think Americans forget that we sign THREE year contracts, not just two. A year is a pretty big difference in the world of technology!

  • Me

    Yeah right , AT&T will not do this for existing iPhone 4 owners when the i5 is released this will only be for non-i4 AT&T users ! They are competing agianst verizon and a non equal cost will push att users to verizon , this is obviously an incomplete story … There would be more info as they have always done and full upgrade to those whom have bought previous year iPhones ! This is controlled by APPLE not at&t. At&t only can make non iPhone users pay this cost!