Stefan Esser, better known as the iPhone hacker i0n1c, has released the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1. In a recent tweet, i0n1c gave the download link to the latest untethered jailbreak we’ve all been waiting for.

The only catch is that the file is password protected. And i0n1c isn’t giving out the password…

Stefan Esser has been hounded about when the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 will be released (He created the payload for the jailbreak.) Since he put everything in the hands of the Dev Team, we’ve all been waiting for an official jailbreak release for the latest version of iOS.

i0n1c is obviously toying with the community by “releasing” his jailbreak in a password protected file that can’t be opened. In a following tweet, i0n1c said, “The problem is: I forgot the password.

Stefan’s next tweet reveals that the Dev Team will in fact release the upcoming untethered jailbreak with a new edition of the RedSn0w tool. By the phrasing in his tweet, it isn’t a stretch to assume that the official release from the Dev Team is right around the corner.

Don’t bother trying to crack and install the .zip file i0n1c linked for his untethered jailbreak. He also tweeted that, “99% of the my followers would not be able to install it even if they had the plain files.” The password is AES encrypted, and it would be better to just wait for the official release.

The very fact that i0n1c was comfortable enough to release (whether anyone can actually use it or not) his untethered jailbreak for 4.3.1 only proves that an official jailbreak will drop any day now.

In case you didn’t know, you can actually jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 with the latest Sn0wbreeze beta. However, that jailbreak is tethered.

As always, stay tuned to iDB for the latest in jailbreak news. We’ll probably see a new jailbreak released this weekend.

In the meantime, let us know if you’re able to crack and open i0n1c’s untethered jailbreak file. If, by some miracle, you are able to open the file, what’s inside?

UPDATE: The password has been revealed to have been: “youwillneverbreakthisawesomepassword” Nice one, i0n1c.

O well, you can now download the official jailbreak for 4.3.1!

  • Anonymous

    Already pulled, I got the original files hours ago when someone else leaked them, there is no “.exe” its just simply files that I had no cool what to do with them.

    • Anonymous

      No clue*

      • Where did you get those files?

      • Anonymous

        @thegrugq Twitter page, i0n1c mentioned him in a tweet about the files, about us not supposed to have them yet, I got them downloaded at that point (Was earlier this afternoon) but I thought they were useless or a joke or something so I deleted them, I am trying to find them right now but so far no joy.

      • Wizkid

        i have broken the password 🙂

  • Anonymous

    BTW just to add to this, I updated to 4.3.1 on my iPhone 3GS, I can confirm that the jailbreak is untethered with Sn0wbreeze with Mobilesubstrate and UltraSn0w working,

    • Your 3GS should be the Old Boot ROM version.

      • Anonymous

        I meant to mention that, silly me, just so iDB knows that the old bootrom is untethered, their post a few days ago made it seem like they didn’t know.

  • 830

    I’m pretty new to jailbreaking, although I did manage to jb my iphone 4 on 4.2.1 with Green Poison. So excuse my ignorance when I ask what the difference between Green Poison and Red Snow is. Are they developed my different jailbreakers?

    • Anonymous

      GreenPoison is untethered on 4.2.1 for 3GS new bootrom and above, redsn0w was an earlier jailbreak for the old bootrom. GreenPo0son is the latest at the moment and the only one you can use. You get the same result in the end no matter what one you go for.

    • jack

      redsnow usually comes out first yet its much more risky and its more comlicated

  • Eric

    You keep saying that he released the “Jailbreak” that is not correct. What he released is the source-code for the exploit. It won’t be a jailbreak until the dev-team incorporates it into Redsn0w and PwnageTool, and they had already announced that they would be updating Redsn0w and PwnageTool to use the untethered jailbreak days ago.

  • Anonymous

    lmfao! its a prank! its a picture of a pineapple people..

    • Anonymous

      Stop stealing my name :S

      No its not a prank, he replaced the file with that one because all the news sites were getting a hold of it.

      • Do u have the original file?

  • pumayim

    late paril fools?

    • pumayim


  • Jeremy

    the files are uselesss without the jailbreak tool…I think I got the original files, I didn’t cracked it yet but there’s obviously no need to bother hacking it (even though this could be fun)

  • Sam

    There’s 2 different files: One’s 97.2 KB and is a picture of pineapples, one is 1.2 MB and is a set of folders that would have the source code if I had the passcode.

  • daniel

    how does one find out [for certain] which bootrom they have?

    • Anonymous

      New bootrom > iPhone 4

  • Logan

    Will we be able to jailbreak ypthe iPad 2 with this?

    • Anonymous


    • Momin


  • Logan


  • Alex

    Someone please upload to Mediafire or something and send here 🙂

  • The Beanstalk

    It’s a picture of a unicorn. See Chpwn’s tweet

  • szdifjcnkvfj

    This is obviously a trick. He really doesn’t have the jailbreak yet so he just is putting it here because he wants us to think he already has it.

  • slightly_broken

    what an “attention whore”.. he knows just as well as anyone that once the untethered is public everyone will forget about him

    • feelthepain444

      no one forgot geohot, MuscleNerd, Comex, etc for all the exploits they found…. He’ll still get a share of the fame

      Who cares if he wants a bit of attention? At least 95% of his followers are just average users that only wants the “PnP” method of jailbreaking.

      I’m not that kind of user, and I’d love to take a look at that file to see what I could do with it. Thing is, I don’t have any use for it ATM.

      So you can go around and comlain about him doing his “attention whore”, but keep in mind it’s people like this we should respect! Giving him at least a bit of attention and credit is the least we can offer to him!

      That is all.

    • i0Ra

      I forgot who developed the iPhone 5 minutes after buying it but I always remember the people who cracked. it.

  • سامر

    No jb yet for ipad2 Redsn0w for i 4 iPad atv

  • Logan

    One person said that it will jailbreak the iPad 2, but another said itwill not. Anyone know for sure? Or at lease another way to jailbreak my iPad 2

    • andrew

      see my comment below. wont be a jb for ipad 2 for a while. i’m anxious too! (typing this on my ipad 2)

  • kimdalanxa

    Lol! i think this i0n1c guy is very stupid or is mocking with us! the guy made un untethered jailbreak and he cant crack a zip file? cmon…..

    • Anonymous

      He made the zip…he isn’t releasing a jailbreak you all must understand this, he only created the method, its down to the iPhone Dev Team to use it in redsn0w!

  • andrew

    i0n1c’s jailbreak wont work for ipad 2. however, c0mex’s should (for ipad 2 on 4.3, not 4.3.1)

  • Tr0jan69

    I just want comex to release the iPad 2 JB!! My Phone works fine as is!!

  • Choubaka

    With all this hype about the jailbreak…what about the unlock?
    When will Ultrasn0w work with 4.2.1-4.3.1 on the higher basebands?

  • Penezote

    My phone is fine with 4.2.1 Works flawless no complains thanks to all the dev and coders… I thank u for all the work u put on..

  • anon

    i agree with choubaka
    lets not forget about the unlock!

  • SEEL

    Some people are too f’n nerdy. What a joke. Come out with the jailbreak for the iPad 2 if you want to impress people… and do it without a f’n password.

  • blackmonte

    I’ve just cracked it and I think you will need to load it to the new redsn0w in order to run

    • Anonymous

      Haha dude you bullshit so much, its a 30 character AES password, would take thousands of years to crack. The files inside is just the source code to the jailbreak.

  • sas

    ahahahhahaha the probplem is i forgot the password hahahhahahha

  • samland


  • Silent screamer

    I bet that i0n1c’s jailbreak is just a hoax. How convenient “I forgot the password”. Just saying “I did it” doesn’t actually proves anything… Why do they keep so much BS before every release of a new JB. Release it or don’t release it but all those pseudo teasing and barking is pointless.

    I’ll keep to the 4.2.1 thanks to Greenpoison and wait for the real deal made by the real guys…

    • Anonymous

      He isn’t releasing a jailbreak tool, he is giving it to the iPhone Dev team, I bet you all the money in the world it is released either today, or in the next few days. The zip file he posted was the source code.

  • Don’t worry about

    I agree with silent screamer you guys f**k around with people to get your name out there and tease people Comex jailbreakme 3.0 was going to be release but f**k around with people and said at the last min. “oh sorry guys my jailbreak exploit was patched by apple, so I can’t help you” well 1st off I believe he didn’t even make jb in the first place and did it to gain popularity for him second this fag telling and teasing us with a jb for 4.3.1 here download it no cost…………….….…:………but it has a password on it oh yeah ion1c f**k you and your mom is a bitch …………..just kidding late April fools but yeah f**k you

    • Anonymous

      Read above. Comex’s exploit was patched, as was SHAtter. Read his tweets he does mention this. The jailbreak is coming just please have some fucking patience.

  • Gary

    All you stupid, ungrateful trolls complaining about and accusing the hackers who give us these jailbreaks don’t deserve one. You’re not entitled to shit.

    As elf the rest of us, we give cheers to the hackers who give us these free jailbreaks.

    • Gary

      As for the rest*

  • Ben

    Jailbreak for 4.3.1 should be released today according to MuscleNerd

  • pear

    Great news!!! The JB community rules big time!!!!!!!

  • Rohit

    Jailbreak for 4.3.1 should be released today according to MuscleNerd

    but it works for iphone4 os 4.2.1 bb 3.10.1?

  • Silent screamer

    To Gary,

    I agree. I’ve been waiting for ages to get the JB for the 4.2.1 and never complained about wiaiting. This was not my point. I just don’t see the point to tease an announce a release “very soon” when it’s obviously not ready at all. But yes, I am very grateful for the work put and those JB solution given to us for free.

    Hope it’s clear now 😉

    • Gary

      Ah thanks for making it clear. It’s just so many people act like its their destiny to receive one. I agree there was no point teasing but he can do what he wants especiallyafter finding
      an exploit that benefits the community :p

      I already updates to 4.3 on my i4 already btw. Just a few compatibility issues with some cydia apps. I hope backgrounder is supported soon.

  • milo

    what’s the point of upgrading to 4.3.1 when the battery life sux

  • rtf

    What’s the status on unlocking 4.3.1 after this jailbreak is released? I just got a friend’s old iphone after he switched to verizon, but he restored it before he gave it to me, so it’s got baseband 4.10.01,