Do you like to listen to podcasts? Do you subscribe to multiple podcasts in iTunes? If so, you realize how much of a pain it can be to manually transfer your podcasts from iTunes to your iPhone. Perhaps you don’t even sync podcasts to your iPhone to conserve disk space.

Podcasts can take a considerable amount of memory on a device with limited storage, not to mention the time and hardrive space it takes to download each episode in iTunes. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a robust streaming solution for podcasts?

Instacast can best be described as Netflix for podcasts. As a cloud-based podcast streaming solution, Instacast is a fantastic stand-alone app for any podcast enthusiast…

Instacast allows you to stream and download your favorite shows in one totally podcast-focused app. By reinventing the way you normally consume your media, Instacast serves as a much more efficient and on-demand method for listening to your favorite shows.

The app is brilliant because it takes the queueing concept of other on-demand streaming services (like Netflix), and applies that philosophy to podcasts. Instacast is the perfect replacement for syncing podcasts through iTunes because the app also allows you to download content in-app for offline listening/watching. You get the best of both worlds.

That particular feature of Instacast is very important to me because I’m not the kind of person that typically listens to a full podcast episode in one sitting. I stagger my listening between various commutes in the car, parts of the day, etc.

If that’s the way you listen, Instacast can use its multitasking abilities to cache your progress mid-stream, or you can download any episode for playback like a normal file in the iPod app. And if you do plan on listening to a whole show in one sitting, you can of course stream the episode all the way through.

The Instacast online directory offers over 9,000 of the most popular podcasts in iTunes, and more are added daily. You can browse for shows like you would in iTunes; with genres, search, popular, etc. Audio is not the only available format. There are plenty of video podcasts available for streaming/downloading within Instacast.

My only complaint about Instacast is that it’s not available on my Mac. If Instacast was on my desktop with cloud-based progress syncing, I would totally abandon the classic method of downloading podcast files in iTunes.

Caching shows, reading show notes, and using the actual player made me fall in love with Instacast. I’ve subscribed to most of my podcasts in Instacast now, and using the app is a much more hassle-free way of managing and listening to my different shows.

I highly recommend Instacast for any podcast lover. The app is available for $1.99 in the App Store.

What do you think of Instacast? Do you listen to podcasts frequently? Let us know why you like (or dislike) Instacast below!

  • Jason Masters

    I just downloaded this I like it it is a very polished app! Hey did you hear mobile me is going to cost 20$ now only and comes with music storage called the locker!!

  • That is wonderful app for iphone

    • Jason Masters

      Yes it is isn’t

  • Torres

    Hey Sebastian i remember u had this awesome background wallpaper it was white and had drawings like it had ruler drawings on it cm and u posted it on here before can u plz plz plz link me?i’m spanish can’t speak properly

    • ejm2323

      Alex wrote this, not Sebastien.

    • ejm2323

      I use audiogalaxy. Its excellent. I will check this out though.

    • ejm2323

      I meant audiopro.

  • ejm2323

    Sheeesh!!! Audiopress. Having a bad day.

  • Jason Masters

    I have to report a few bugs with this app I paused a podcast and when I close the app and start using my phone on other apps or making a phone call it starts up in the background !! I go back and pause it and it starts up again!! I hope they give an update to fix this bug it’s annoying!

    • QuarterSwede

      I experienced the same today at work when an alarm went off.

  • AnotherBrian

    I use podcaster it does the same thing basically and it’s the same price. You can set up your favorites to download every time there is a new episode. As far as I can tell though you have to open the app and hit refresh to get it to download all your favorites. But a lot easier than searching for each podcast on the iPhone and downloading, yes you can do it in iTunes but I don’t hook up my phone everyday. I wish it would let you set a time and it would get it automatically, it does let you set how you want them deleted. Same price at the App Store 1.99, it definitely could be a little better but it has made getting podcast easier.

    I don’t use it for streaming, it will do it but it seems a lot slower than through the itunes app.