Well folks, it didn’t take long for iOS 4.3 to be officially jailbroken. Just about 24 hours after being released, iOS hacker i0n1c apparently successfully jailbroke an iPad running iOS 4.3. The video below shows what seems to be an iPad iOS 4.3 launching Cydia.

This jailbreak is also supposed to be untethered (hassle free)…

So far this video doesn’t prove much though. The iOS version in the Settings.app could easily be faked and all this could just be an attempt at getting attention. i0n1c didn’t make any comment about it and we have no indication he might release his jailbreak (again, is this the proof this video is a fake?).

Maybe I’m just too skeptical. What do you think? Real? Fake?

  • Jo3y

    i0n1c has stated it’s a fake and he didn’t post the proof or video

    • mortopher

      Umm, sorry Jo3y, but i0n1c posted the video directly on his twitter account.

  • i4unlock

    what about the NCK unlock stated by MuscleNerd?

  • That is iOS 4.3. Look at the settings that are now available for the Side Switch. They’re there! 🙂

  • booooo tired of this cycle..

  • Shrike1978

    It has been stated multiple times by multiple known iOS hackers that i0n1c was working on an untether that would likely come out with 4.3 (check the dev team blog..it’s right there in the latest post). There is no reason whatsoever to think this is fake.

    • Fred

      I agree I read MN’s tweet about this too a while ago

  • Vik071

    This looks awesome. But there is no unlock on the horizon as per @veence…

  • Woody dog

    I hope not I don’t trust him

  • sk@tta

    Want the GM jailbroken so why is the jalibreak process for the official release any diff.

    • The method for jailbreaking 4.3 GM does not work. There have been changes to ASLR in 4.3 so jailbreaking using the method that has been posted will break your mobilesubstrate and you wont be able to use most of the Cydia apps.

  • We’ll see in a few now won’t we?

  • stfudvs

    lol 10n1c is legit it’s not fake

    • Pirates Suck

      lol Right…..

  • Jo3y

    Opps on my original post, must of misread a previous post.

    Looks like there prob won’t be a jailbreak for 4.3 since 4.3.1 is goin to be released soon due to a safari exploit

  • Is it real?

  • babeh

    it maybe real, but he will not released to us, the jailbreak demanded community.

  • It is real. ion1c stated that the exploit will most likely show up in redsn0w. Definitely legit that it’s iOS 4.3. Expect it soon, I guess. I would wait, though, for a fix to MobileSubstrate.

  • Jack (pigymunk)

    I reckon it’s real. Look at his twitter posts. It’s all this stuff about people begging him to release it! It’s still in the ALPHA stage!!!

  • mike

    Since the last iTunes update Real Player downloads and converter no longer works. I have tried reinstalling the latest Real Player sp for mac several times but to no avail. In the converter it’s won’t let you drag and drop anything onto it nor will it open the browse folder. Not sure what the issue is whether with iTunes or Real player sp. Any ideas please? I hope someone can help resolve this, thanks a lot.