The cover of the March 2011 edition of the popular WIRED magazine addresses the looming problem with Foxconn’s employee treatment. If you didn’t know, Foxconn is the manufacturer that makes the iPhones we buy.

Although the headline may appear a little melodramatic, the numbers are true and the issue is very real. We have gotten glimpses into the life of the Foxconn employees, and their working conditions are less than ideal…

“This is where your gadgets come from. Should you care?”

We should care about the working conditions of the Foxconn factories overseas. You can read up some more on this issue here and here.

[via Cult of Mac]

  • Shades

    According to the wikipedia article about suicide rates, the suicide rate in China is 6.6 per 100000 people. So if it’s 17 per 1000000 in foxconn, it’s better than 66 per 1000000 in China in general.

  • Canadian

    Dumb play on numbers.
    17 in 1 million?
    In Canada it’s ~150 in 1 million.
    Worse ~500 in 1 million among First Nations… but they don’t make our beloved revolutionary devices, do they?

  • William

    Let’s face it here, there’re hundreds of thousands factories in China which are in far worse working conditions than Foxconn’s, and when did the US Press care to uncover the suicide stories from those places?

  • Jason Masters

    I wonder what the suicide rate would be if Americans made iPhones??

    • bsangs

      If Americans made iPhones. Good one!

  • T-Will

    No wonder we have so many unemployed right now in America, I say bring manufacturing back and help give jobs to the millions of unemployed! I’m willing to pay more if a product is made in the U.S.

    • albert pujols

      How bout u get off ur but and get a college degree and u will change your mind.

      • manuel

        Yes Albert Pujols, your so right smh. What T-Will said is true, this Country blames the wrong people about not having jobs, but the US allows these companies to tell us F off, were going to go to other countries to make our products there and pay the people who make them crap. Then, we will allow them to sell the products to us for a high price and milk off us and others. That’s not how stuff should be. This will always make me second guess where my products come from, and will make me change my choices on buying something from a company until I do my research on it.

        If more companies would be stationed here, more jobs would be here, and although product would be at a higher cost, it will balance out the country, thus making product prices start to drop like how things were before hand when our country was at it’s peek in the 90’s.

        Have 2 degrees, going on my Masters and Ph. Still feel this is wrong, and won’t change my mind either way.

      • T-Will

        I agree, ideally people would want to get a college degree, but having a college degree still doesn’t guarantee a job. There are many people out there who were never meant to get a college degree and be in a white collar job, but those people do great in a manufacturing/assembly line type job.

      • QuarterSwede

        Having a degree doesn’t mean jack squat in this economy. I’ve got mine and am still only working part time and that was after a 6 month search. I’ve also got 11 years of experience in my field (retail) and 5 of that in retail management. Heck, my HR got a call from a lady who graduated from Harvard. I’ve interviewed people who have had successful businesses (not retired, they went under or were sold).

        Having a degree does not automatically equal success anymore even for hardworking, good decision making people.

    • manuel

      At times like this, it’s based on who you know, and what you know. Jobs are tough, but I don’t want to work in a white collar job either. I’m going to open my own clinic and love my 9 – 5 without some one over my shoulder breathing down my neck telling me if I’m doing a good job or not. I don’t mind that now since I’m starting out, but still.

      Any ways, I saw something off Apples site which I found sad. It’s very much related to this article.

  • why people wants dead due to problem.tension is the main problem of suicide

  • Igeek

    Saw this at work and was like wow lol