If you’re in the US and go to Apple’s website right now, you’ll probably going to be greeted by the image of 2 iPhones: the AT&T one, and the newly released Verizon iPhone. If you have a closer look at this image, you can see that the position of the hand is different from one phone to the other.

The hand barely touches the AT&T iPhone, whereas it is fully gripping the Verizon iPhone. So, is Apple trying to tell us something?

Unlike what iLounge believes, it does seem that Apple is telling us we don’t have to hold it wrong anymore.

What do you think? Did Apple do this on purpose, or it it just a coincidence?

[Jailbreak Bay]

  • alex s

    definitely a reach, they’re holding it the same???

  • Justin

    It is just a picture. And, I would almost bet that the hands were not actually holding phones when the picture was taken. After taking some screenshots and lining up the phones, I don’t even think it’s a picture of real phones. But anyway, I might just go to Verizon and see for myself if the bars drop by holding it the non-prefered AT&T way.

  • Dani

    Yeah… but why not to duplicate the exact same picture if they didn’t want to show any differences??? If it’s the same concept, the same phone, almost the same hand… why not to duplicate it? Fishy…

  • sk@tta

    It definately looks like it not a real picture. If u look at the lower right end of the phone u can see that its not even pressing against his hand. Which to me the picture is a photoshop

  • Jason Masters

    It’s a hand model conspiracy….

  • Cam

    Some of you may be missing the point. Yes it may not be a real photo, but the question is, Does the picture that Apple put up have any meaning?

    Honestly probably not, but it’s a thought considering how many people have problems with their iPhone4 Antennas.

  • hd

    Holding it both ways would have the same results because you are shorting the WiFi antenna to the 3G and GPS antenna. So it is just a picture; doesn’t make any difference in signal attenuation.

  • manuel

    LOL. Glad to have Verizon.

  • Me

    There is only 2 possibilities. Either their trying to say you can hold it any way you want now, or the Verizon phone also has antenna issues so they are trying not to hold it wrong to keep the five bars in the picture

  • george


    looks like it can be held wrong in real life

  • Tim

    definitely photo shopped, the reflection on the phones are identical which would be nearly impossible to replicate in two deferent pictures.