There has been reports coming from 3 different countries that Cydia was blocked by carriers, making it impossible to load Cydia over 3G. So far, only 3 countries and 2 carriers have been reported to be blocking access to Cydia: 3 Ireland, 3 UK, and China Unicom.

When trying to load Cydia over 3G, iPhone users in these countries get an error message saying the page cannot be loaded. Cydia does work fine on wifi though.

I’m not as surprised by the blocking of Cydia as I am by the timing. It seems that the blocking from the carriers started at the same time, which leads me to believe this is an operation that has been discussed and planned in advance…

Did Apple request the blocking of Cydia from certain carriers? Could be.

Update: According to TUAW, it seems this was a mistake from a third-party service that 3 uses to filter content. Apparently, Cydia was accidentally blocked and should be back up shortly in UK and Ireland. It still doesn’t explain why China Unicom is blocking Cydia as well.

Update 2: @Pablo_Diablo tells me on Twitter that he had the same problem on 3 UK. He simply called 3 and had them remove the restriction.

What do you think about that?


  • Kjeldor

    lol false alarm

  • Burge

    Was about to put… There is no way that they would do this … Talk about wanting to lose customers…..but you update first…

  • Goofygreek


  • buthe79

    Not working for me on three UK, wifi is fine. Hope it is only temporary!!

  • William

    Can’t load Cydia on 3G? Not a problem for me at all.
    1st, I don’t use Cydia very often.
    2nd. when I do, I prefer to load it in WiFi, because Cydia’s load time is slow enough, loading it on 3G just make matter even worse πŸ™

  • ikjjnn

    Saurik should change the website address

  • Adam

    Just loaded cydia on o2uk and no problems what so ever!! I think someone is tellings fibss

    • The problem only appears on 3 and China Unicom, as mentioned in the post. That’s why it’s working fine for you.

      • G

        For some reason it is taking ages to download all my cydia packages n that. I’m in uk and using wifi. Hopefully it’s because of something else(obviously).

      • G

        Working now. I think it’s because I just got back from Amsterdam ξ—ξŒ°ξŒ°ξŒ°ξŒ°ξŒ°

  • Geek-9-1


  • This will never happen in the good ol’ US of A, maybe the rest of the world should take a lesson or two from us on freedom of information.

    • Koppis

      Hahah, hahahahahahahaha.


    • Ofromdamo

      Talk about monopoly open your eyes 3 years to get out of AT&T… I’ve heard that in USA it’s soooooooo slooooww on 3G (and even slower on verizon) that you probably never did get 3G access πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Haters. First of all AT&T is 2 year contract which is standard for many cellular providers. Secondly, you heard wrong. 3G is 3G and we get it in full just like anyone else.

      • Burge

        I think he ment that it has took 3 years for another network in the US to get the iPhone .. Not the contract…

    • IndiePhoenix

      I really hate it when you Americans are bragging about your rights and your freedom. I’m not saying you don’t have it but you always think you have the best in the world in your beloved US of A. For example, if we take freedom of the press, there is an index called “Press Freedom Index” which rates the freedom of the press in the world. Just check it and you’ll see that the USA isn’t in the first place although it’s pretty up the index. It’s good to love your country but inform yourselves about the world around you…

  • Adam Parsons

    Hope this doesn’t catch on to other Irish carriers!

  • gabeapp

    isnt his this like a form of privacy invasion? carriers cant block what the users wanna view, can they?

  • Farrukh

    Still no cydia on my 3G network…… Strange though u can still see all other tabs with downloaded tweaks working as they should be but the main page appears to be blocked. I noticed that yesterday and thought of some app conflict. Thanks for updating.

  • apd

    I went into an Apple Store the other day and was using their wifi when I thought I would check for Cydia updates. Apple wifi blocked access to Cydia. The cheek of it!! πŸ˜‰

  • Twited21

    People do workarounds for all kinds of things
    You all know if it happens across the board some seriously smart dude is gonna fix it with a tweek πŸ˜‰

  • Fman52

    Could use 3G unrestricted fool the app and make it think it’s running on wifi

    • Telejeesus

      It does not work lol You fool only your phone with that πŸ˜‰

  • Mike

    mine’s gone tamping, wifi is fine tho.

  • buthe79

    Three UK is now working fine. Must have been a temporary glitch.