We all knew it was bound to happen, but I don’t think we were expecting it this early. T-Mobile’s latest 4G campaign, featuring an Apple vs Mac style, takes a jab at both AT&T and Verizon.

Previously, T-Mobile aired several advertisements outlining the disadvantages of the iPhone on the AT&T network, including the inability to video chat over WiFi on the AT&T iPhone whereas the T-Mobile myTouch 4G can make calls anywhere.

The latest advertisement shows that there’s no fun in having a great handset running on a slow network, referencing AT&T’s unreliable 3G network and Verizon slow CDMA network, when T-Mobile’s network provides 4G speeds… 

Now the question is how will Verizon respond?

  • Takean

    I’m sorry, but I would rather have a super awesome phone that can do tons of stuff than a P.O.S. Phone that can play solitaire. I love my iPhone, even on a crappy network.

  • Tony

    And because 4G is everywhere right?

  • Smoke

    yo was der sum kind of law passed about corporations bein able to mention da competators name now without bein sued o sumthin? 2 years ago dis would never happen. Or am i mistaken?

  • Yeah, 4G isn’t here so I don’t give a damn. My advice to T-Mobile: quit ripping on the Mac vs. PC concept and get your own ad campaign. I have no complaints about AT&T and so few people have video calling the only time I’ve ever used Facetime is at home via Skype the past month when my family are at home on their computers.

    • Will

      Very true my friend !

  • Al

    T-Mobile all the way! iPhone 5 on T-Mobile’s 4g coming 06/2011. The fastest and most powerful iPhone built, only on T-Mobile! Stay tuned.

    • Jason masters

      If this is true then it’s Christmas all over again!!!

  • Al

    T-Mobile all the way! These early ads are just a foreshadow of what’s coming this June from apple to tmobile. A 4g iPhone! Stay tuned.

  • Mcsteven

    Yeah right. iPhone won’t use T-mobile for a while. T-mobile doesn’t have the speed to handle the iPhone. People are so dumb. I read this crap every day. Verizon is gonna have a hard enough time with the iPhone.

    • lele


      In what fact do you base that opinion? Android uses more bandwidth than the iphone and verizon has no problem with it.

      • Al

        I was not referring to you, I was referring to Mcsteven. And yes, tmobile currently has the fastest data network out there right now.

    • Al

      Haha, you are saying that T-mobile can’t handle the iPhone? Are you kidding me, I hope so because that was funny! Currently T-Mobile’s hspa+ network is way faster then any other carriers data network out there, trust me! Having said this then why wouldn’t tmobile handle the iPhone?

      • lele

        I never said T-mobile can’t can’t the iphone (if you were referring to me.)

        And, are you the one kidding by saying T-mobile is way faster then any other carrier out there?

    • iGeek

      HAHAHA man TMOBILE sucks!!!!! TMOBILE network isn’t 4G tards…. It’s 3.5G lames fake 4G… Anyways verizon will have a hard time with iPhone… IPhone on ATT was unbelievable.. Verizon can’t handle it.. Lame service… CANT TALK AND HAVE DATA!!!!! losers… Plus sprint will have iPhone before TMOBILE… Point blank…

    • iGeek

      HAHAHA man TMOBILE sucks!!!!! TMOBILE network isn’t 4G tards…. It’s 3.5G lames fake 4G… Anyways verizon will have a hard time with iPhone… IPhone on ATT was unbelievable.. Verizon can’t handle it.. Crappy service… CANT TALK AND HAVE DATA!!!!! l… Plus sprint will have iPhone before TMOBILE… Point blank…

  • Scott

    Personally, I have no problem with the ad. T-mobile has a fantastic data network and speed compared to either ATT (which I’m on) or Verizon (which I just came from). I travel constantly for work and the guys I’m with that have T-mobile can do pretty much anything faster than I can/could.

    The problem? If you’re in a large city T-mobile is great, anything outside of that then things get spotty, just like Sprint. The ad is right on in their areas, but for someone like me it’s still too unreliable. Kudos to T-Moble though for actually having what they say they do, unlike VZW or ATT.

    • Al

      Scott, I’m a tmobile customer and you are absolutely correct.

  • Manuel

    I hate AT&T a lot, and they data and prices suck, but I WON’T EVER GO BACK TO T-MOBILE. They suck. I said this all the time, but don’t you think it’s funny that they say they have “4G” when their 3G is more spotty than AT&T’s phone coverage? For a company that keeps making iPhone ads, they seem bitter. They’ve been after the iPhone for how long now? They keep trying to get the iPhone, so they made a AT&T, iPhone commerical. I mean, they sell iPhone cases and chargers in their stores. Like I get your trying to make money, but now you hate on Verizon? Apple does not want your company, and they need to face it. How many time’s have they made the My touch? 3 times already? 4? Mind you, their 4G isn’t their 4G network. From all the ads and the small fine print they try to make sure you don’t see, I read and heard it’s Time Warner supporting that Data for them. Their 3G is super fast, but of course, they don’t have iPhone users on 3G since it’s not supported. Their plans and prices are slowly going up, since people go to them for cheap pricing, smart, but for how long will people stay or go to them when their prices look the same as every one else? IMO they don’t have that much drop calls, but their coverage is laughable, and In NYC, It was that. I didn’t get drop calls, because I never had service to make calls. They data speed was awesome, but only when I wasn’t moving from a tower, and on the bus, it’s 3G back to Edge. I rarely stood on their 3G for longer than 2 minutes unless I wasn’t moving. I get what they want to do, but they should just quiet down and work on making better service. They Customer service is good, but it’s only good when they want their money, any thing else, it’s we don’t care. For others it might be different, but that’s for me.

  • Don’t live in the desert.. or some middle of no where place.. problem solved.. I live in the heart of northern virginia.. I pretty much get HSDPA+ speeds constantly when I am outside my house… I am sitting inside ILMEE (a korean cuisine shop near fallschurch) right now and I have HSDPA+ speeds.. If you’re getting crappy speeds, you are either living in your moms basement (literally) or you live in the middle of a place that no one cares about.. psh montana.. or any heavily forested place..

  • joe

    why should i quit t-mobile one of the only companies that did not do warentless wiretaping under bush and obama, and the prices aren’t bad better service in vegas, as well in la county where i used to live, and who cares about the stupid iphone they apple ruined record stores for me, and i don’t like mp3s i can’t go to the legendary tower records anymore so piss on all iphones, apple and in steve jobs face