The Verizon iPhone has been announced, and if you’re one of the millions that is probably planning on buying one, you can now check your contract eligibility. Among other things, the Verizon iPhone has a new antenna. This should make call reliability much better with the iPhone on Verizon’s network.

If you are a current Verizon wireless customer, Apple has posted a page where you can check your contract eligibility for an upgrade. Verizon also has an eligibility page for customers to check their contracts as well…

Apple also has a page where you can sign up to be notified of when pre-orders begin.

If you look around on Verizon’s new iPhone promotion page, there’s an interesting window that displays the iPhone capacity and colors.

There is a white iPhone 4 included on this page. Who knows if this is legit or a mistake, but I guess we’ll find out when pre-orders start on February 3rd.

Do you think the white iPhone will be available on Verizon?

  • Mike

    Why would you start a contract in Feb, when the new iphone 5 will be out in June?
    Or Verizon won’t get it till Feb 2012?

  • Jason masters

    The iPhone 5 is s myth it’s never coming at least not this year where do you get your info from?

  • Joe

    No White iPhone 4 from Verizon. The page has since been updated and only the Black iPhone 4 is displayed…

  • goofygreek

    yea, people that buy the verizon iphone now, will be screwed in summer when the new iphone is released.

  • Whitney

    Why will there not be an iphone 5? I’m thinking about going to verizon again but willthwy have the 5?

  • josh

    iphone 5 will almost certainly be here in the summer months. but it will be 4g, by then the service is going to be no where near complete, you are going to be charged an additional x amount of dollars for a service you are probably not even going to get. ill get the iphone now, save money by staying with 3g atm and upgrade in another 2 years when 4g will be pretty much everywhere. no biggie.