If you decided to update to iOS 4.2.1 and jailbreak using RedSn0w, you most likely have a tethered jailbreak, which requires you to plug your iPhone in and kickstart it with RedSn0w every time you reboot. Very inconvenient.

We’ve had words for a while that the Dev Team was working on an untethered jailbreak, which MuscleNerd confirmed would be available before Christmas.

Today, the Dev Team’s frontman gave us more information about this untethered jailbreak via a tweet in reply to someone asking if we’ll have to fully restore the iPhone and run RedSn0w again in order to benefit from all the untethered goodness…

According to MuscleNerd, the process shouldn’t require a restore. You’ll most likely have to run RedSn0w on top of your current install and it should take care of it for you. That’s pretty good news. A restore can be a painful process, especially if you have lots of jailbreak apps and themes to reinstall.

We’re now days away from Christmas and it hasn’t been confirmed again whether we’ll get this untethered jailbreak before the 25th. iPhone hackers do celebrate Christmas too, so a delay in the release of the RedSnow untethered jailbreak wouldn’t be surprising.

I bet many of you are waiting for this untethered jailbreak, am I wrong?

  • Burge

    It’s it worth the hassle of the reinstall ? Yep that’s have the fun …

    • Burge

      Half not ” have”…doh

  • woow, this is great new
    thanks very much for
    Redsnow as Christmas present

  • Ace

    I’m waiting for this untethered option.

    My iPhone 4 is currently on 4.2.1 ( came like that out of the box) and it is NOT jailbroken. Will I need to restore my phone in order for it to be jailbroken?

    Merry Christmas hackers! 😉

    • Amoeba


  • iponder

    I didn’t update to 4.2.1….am desperate for untethered jailbreak

    • josh

      us greenpois0n, its recommended by many. it works on 4.1

  • arvee

    Our ipad is now at 4.2.1 for multitasking. I’ve been waiting for the untethered jailbreak. Hard to turn it on when drained. Please suggest most wanted ipad apps. So bored at my apps. :). Thanks. 😉

  • Hello @iponder if you have not upgraded to the 4.2 and your still on the 4.1 and want to JB, use limera1n. I’m using Limera1n and it was extremely easy to install.

  • MobileHacker

    Give us 4.2.1 JB by Christmas for the 4G iPod touch. I’m sure a lot of people will be more and happy to donate to the team.

    A lot of people just got the new IPod, I’m loving it and can’t wait for this Untethered JB!

    • S142s

      Couldn’t of said it better myself

    • Chaizen

      Yep, waiting to install insomnia via cydia on my iPod 4g 4.2.1. With a decent MiFi & skype I plan to turn it into a better-than-iPhone 🙂
      Will gladly donate if I get a reliable JB

  • sigh is only valid if comex finishes his untethered jb, because musclenerds’ requires 4.2 b3 SHSH to be saved

  • Ctnhd

    I am untethered on 4.1 but would like to upgrade

  • Ricardodelsidney

    Let the Dev Team enjoy their Christmas with their families. We can wait until after Christmas.

    • Ricardodelsidney


  • I can’t wait for this at all, even though i doubt we will get it before christmas. but we can only hope santa sort us out.

  • paul

    Let celebrate Christmas by releasing RedSn0w untethered jailbreak. hahaha

  • K3ndl3

    Does being on 4.2.1 for iPhone mess up the themes? I’m still tethered but everytime I try to install a theme, it’s really messed up and awkward looking.

    • Juan

      that might indicate that the theme is not compatible with 4.2.1. Check with the developer of that theme.

  • I am untethered on 4.1 but would like to upgrade

  • Doc

    Sebastien yours & musclenerd’s info is WRONG…lol
    According to @comex the unteather will most likley come as a cydia package if it even works. See below:

    “@comex: it’s probably going to be a Cydia package.  if I can get it to work.”

  • Doc

    comex (@comex)
    12/21/10 10:23 PM
    @GP34MVP that everyone’s wrong including @MuscleNerd :p
    George Pierce (@GP34MVP)
    12/21/10 10:22 PM
    @comex What do you mean by that?
    comex (@comex)
    12/21/10 10:18 PM
    it’s probably going to be a Cydia package. if I can get it to work.

  • RAF

    How about bb 5.14.04…
    I’m stuck now with 4.2.1 3g…

  • Dgxgx

    Fuck this

  • egypyr

    sorry guys, i’m new to iphones, so i bought my 4g iphone and update it by mistake to the lates firware and baseband, no my sim (which is not AT&T) ofcourse doesnt work, is the new redsnow will solve this problem or do i have to look for another solution??

  • diane Harshberger

    Is the iPhone 4 the only IPhone that can be tethered/paired to an iPad 2. I would like tonusebmynphone as aa hotspot