I’m getting a white iPhone 4 for Christmas. Not an actual white iPhone 4 because we all know they’re not coming until at least next Spring, (I think there’s never going to be a white iPhone 4 but that’s another story).

No, I’m not getting a real white iPhone 4, but white iPhone 4 Christmas ornaments to decorate our Xmas tree…

It won’t feel like Christmas until you have this epic White iPhone 4 Ornament hanging on your tree. This limited run of handmad, novelty ornaments are printed onto premium photo paper and then mounted on durable, coated cardboard stock.

Your handmade iPhone 4 ornament will arrive in a small gift box along with the hook for hanging. Magnets have been added to the back for weight, which will also let you enjoy your iPhone 4 as refrigerator for the new year ahead.

Ornaments are lightweight and measure (3″ x 1.5″), but they should be kept clear of liquids, food and hand goo for months of long lasting pleasure.

You can get these for $10 on Etsy, but hurry up because they don’t have much left on inventory.

Is that something you could see on your tree?

[iPhone Savior]

  • Eye Fone

    Is it me or does that phone look really small or that hand is really big 😛

  • DK

    I thought you were going to send it in to have it made white by one of those companies.

  • ankur

    i need one

  • Pete

    iPhone Shuffle!

  • Hugo

    WTF is so great about a white iPhone?

  • SRUm1sh

    All those folks out there who don’t have an iPhone 4, get one.
    On another note, go Saints!

  • Scoodiv

    I don’t see it beautiful for iphone 4 to be white!!!
    White iphone 4
    I will never get it!!
    I like my black one.

  • Dgxgx

    The queer wrote this article

    • Z

      It takes one to recognize another. But fyi, the “queer” (sorry Seb) who wrote this article has a female in bed, unlike the queer, who wrote the comment.

  • Freddy

    it’s CHRISTMAS for God’s sake not XMAS

    • Daniel

      I agree

      • pastorB

        Actually…the X in the word Xmas is totally appropriate for Christians. It comes from the Greek letter chi (pronounced key) which looks like an X. The word for Christ in Greek is Christos with the first letter being chi in Greek so the X is a shortened form for Christos and is totally alright. Embrace the X guys.

  • Z

    I know it was a copy/paste, but thought it was funny:

    “…which will also let you enjoy your iPhone 4 as refrigerator for the new year ahead.”

    I bet this will give some people an idea to make a fridge looking like an iPhone.

  • Gary

    I ordered the Otterbox defender case in white. It covers all of the black. It looks like a fat white iPhone.