Those red notification badges aren’t the most exciting thing in the world are they? Sure, you might have a new e-mail, or there may be a new update to your favorite app, but they lack flair, they lack excitement!

What if you could change those badges into something more meaningful? Maybe a funny phrase, or your favorite proverb? CustomBadges, a tweak for jailbroken iPhones, allows you to do just that…

Upon installing the tweak and respringing your iPhone, a notification pops up at your lock screen telling you exactly how to use CustomBadges. That’s a fairly thoughtful touch from the developer seeing as that this is just a tweak.

The notification also reminds you to look in your Settings app for a friendly reminder on how to use CustomBadges. Thankfully, you probably won’t need the reminder, because it’s about as straightforward as you can get.

To use CustomBadges, place your iPhone into “jiggle mode”, and once you see your app icons dancing around, triple tap on the icon of your choice. This will pull up a text entry prompt, and the icon that you selected will be the one that acquires the custom badge.

Since the iPhone’s 3.5″ diagonal display doesn’t give you much real estate to play with, you’re going to have to keep your custom badges to a minimum amount of text. If you’re creative though, you can come up with some pretty clever badges.

CustomBadges isn’t going to change your world, and I can’t think of too many applications where it would actually be useful, but it is nice to have, especially since its free on Cydia.

How do you feel about adding custom badges to your iPhone apps? Is this something you’ve been wanting, or could you do without it?

  • Eye Fone

    Could use that as a reminder tool 😉

    A bit off topic : Any app to check the running processes ?
    SB setting shows only the running applications if I am not wrong.

    • Suavedude

      Have you tried Free Memory from App Store? That’s what I use. Though I hear the update is crap though.

    • Z

      Try System Manager from AppStore

  • I cannot find it in Cydia. Is it in a specific repo? I type in ‘CustomBadges’ and nothing for that search.

  • Thanks. For some reason, it was not showing up. I rebooted my phone and and launch Cydia again, and Viola! it was there.

  • Efix

    For badges that are counters if you make a change the badge it seems to revert back to the original as the number changes. Anyone else seeing this ?

    • Marcus Carter

      I noticed that too! Definitely takes the fun out of it cuz I’m not gonna keep changn that s***

    • AppleBits

      Yep. Same here. I ditched it. Useless if I have to keep going in to change it.

  • pigsy101

    I found this as “BADGES” and not “Custombadges” btw. Cool little tweak too 🙂

  • Gary

    freezing a lock screen after the install, and didn’t work after restarting my iphone 4 4.1.

  • Have you tried Free Memory from App Store

  • chris

    What’s the name of the app with the chinese character next to iSilo on your screenboard? Is it in Cydia or the Apstore?