Up until now, if you wanted to change the default font on your iPhone, your only option was to use FontSwap, which unfortunately wasn’t updated to work on iOS 4. Another alternative was to manually change the iPhone font via SSH, but that wasn’t very straightforward.

Enters BytaFont, a new jailbreak application that allows you to easily change the font on your iPhone, system wide…

Changing the font on your iPhone with BytaFont is pretty quick and simple. First you need to install BytaFont from Cydia. Once this is done, go to Cydia > Sections > Fonts, and install any fonts from there.

Then go back to your iPhone springboard and launch BytaFont. You will see your downloaded font in there, as well as the original iOS 4 font (which comes preloaded with BytaFont). Select the font you want to install and confirm. Your device will respring and you should see the new font all over your iPhone.

As you can see on the image above, I used BytaFont with the DroidSans font. There are many other fonts available so you may want to dig in Cydia to find the right one for you.

Have you use BytaFont? If so, what font are you using?

  • Madden1989

    i got bytafont yesterday, i like the app, altho some of the fonts are almost imposible to read, i decided to stick with the childhood favorite, Walt Disney!

  • appletiser

    “your only option was to use FontSwap, which unfortunately wasn’t updated to work on iOS 4”

    strange, so how come im happily using it on 4.0.1? 😉

    • It works if you change the Notes or Lockscreen font, but it doesn’t change any other fonts.

      • appletiser

        ah well you do have a point there 😀

    • appletiser

      … and I’ve just searched cydia and Bytafont doesn’t appear 🙁

      • Madden1989

        bytafont instaled with the font i got….

      • whatchasay

        go to cydia sources look under modmyi

      • appletiser

        is it possible I have a faulty Modmyi? logically one would expect Bytafont to be listed alphabetically between Byakuran and BYU Theme but it isn’t 🙂

      • For info, Bytafont was out for a few days until it showed up for me in Cydia.

      • appletiser

        thanks seb but my patience is short to wait so I gave up on cydia and found a direct link to bytafont via modmyi forum, used iFile to install, selected a font from cydia and resprung. I’m now the owner of a complete font overhaul 😀

  • BytaFont means ChangeFont in swedish. 🙂

    • It’s good to know. I was wondering what it means. Thanks

      • G

        Ur a ledg. Good shit Fam!!!!

      • mady


  • Juan

    I saw BytaFont a few days but I passed on it. Gave it a go once you made a post of it. Not bad. Just needs more fonts ported over.

  • Vik071

    Well, not so lucky installing this one. I downloaded the app fine and one font called Elite Pro HD. It automatically installed from Cydia and looks nice. However, when I launch the app, I only see the stock font and that is it. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

    • Um download them as stated in the directions? Noobs…

      • Vik071

        No, you dumbass that wasn’t it! I accidentaly downloaded another font that is not compatible with this app. Thanks for nothing asswipe!

  • Michael

    Is it possible to load a ttf font ?

  • six4seven

    Anyone know what font is used in the Elite Pro HD theme?? Searching for it in BytaFont.

    • appletiser

      just go into the font section of cydia and scroll down. install then respring 🙂

      • six4seven

        I already have the app. I’m just looking for the font name for the Elite Pro HD Theme.

        Anyone know what the font is called?

    • Vik071

      Nope, but it works great when installed through Cydia.

    • appletiser

      it looks like it’s based on the Tahoma typeface. I just like it’s clean Helvetica type style but its definitely not that font 🙂

  • vhonn

    i wonder why some fonts need to download an iFile in order to install new font. this mess up my cydia an error shows up file overwrite with the same package bla bla bla and I need to resping cause cydia wont respond anymore

  • Vanna

    alot of the apps on cydia have a grey icon instead of a picture next to it and i cant download them, whats up wit that?

    also, i cannot seem to install bytafont on my jailbroken iphone 3gs, whyyyy? 🙁 please help!

    • wapakers

      do you have any existing iFile package installed on your device? cracked or uncracked? I have also the same problem before, Bytafont pacakge includes another kind of iFile which messes up with the one installed on your device which conflicts each other thats why your Bytafont wont install.

  • Rakshit Doshi

    can anyone help me on this:

    i need a font that is bigger or some way to increase font size because i have a vision problem and cant see small font. (wise asses please refrain from asking me to wear specs or get lenses because it is a retina issue) I can read font size “giant” in the mail app. so an equivalant sized font should do. any way i can do this?


    • Kenmal


  • Kenmal

    Seb is there a way to change the keypads on
    The iphone 4 is it a similer thing? I see ” to use with iaccess or something like that but when I install anything of coarse nothing works. PLEASE help!



  • Gwen

    I can’t download BytaFont on Cydia. Error message ‘Size mismatch’ popped out. Anyone can tell me where else can I download it?

    • G

      Same!!!!! He’ll me

    • G

      Same!!!!! Help me

  • Gwen

    I have tried again this morning and it works!

  • kimster

    Error message ‘Size mismatch’ ‘…pop up when install.
    admin please help us on tat.tx u.

  • fghcool51

    I have the same vision problem, have you found an answer?

  • fghcool51

    I have a need to enlarge the system fonts because on my vison, I have bytafont on my verizon iphone 4
    changinging the font is easy, but i need to increase font size. anyone have an idea?

    • Rakshit Doshi

      i use the inbuilt zoom whenever i think something’s too small. also in the accessabilty section in settings app, you can change font size. this helps in mail app and SMS app… the rest though is still the same size… if you need large icons you need a jailbreak app called Biggify which makes you app icons large enough to see easily. try it. hope it helps.

    • pete

      go to settings then to general then to Accessibility then large text and pick your size

  • arielle jeter

    how do you download cydia on your iphone and do you have to pay for it?

  • danaya chen

    my app just says preparing filesystem (cydia will exit when complete) its been doing this for like 5 minutes

  • Kayla

    I installed BytaFont, but it did not go to my home screen. How can i get it to show up on my home screen.. Help please.