A few weeks ago we showed you the best/geekiest iPhone proposal ever, and it seems it has inspired people to propose while recording everything on their iPhone. This one is particularly cute and moving.

Now I just need to make sure my fiancee never sees that. What would I look like compared to this guy?

See the video below…



  • datrossboi


  • W

    was good. like how he makes her row away at the end. class act.

  • aza


  • William

    Nice, the singer was a bit off on his lyrics, he needed a lyrics app.

  • Burge

    It will come …14 of the best …Maybe 15

  • Z

    @Sebastien When are you gonna join the ‘married’ clan? You’ve been talking about your fiancée for a while now, are you getting ideas from these various proposals? =) Time to make a move bud, or else she’ll beat you to it =)

  • eck

    it wasn’t apparent till the last video that i have made a grave mistake by not treating my last gf like i should have, and then breaking up with her.

    life full of regret : (