With Halloween just around the corner, many of you must be wondering what they’re going to wear. I had the brief thought of wearing an iPhone costume but I changed my mind very quickly after watching this video.

There is absolutely no way in the world anyone can outdo this guy’s iPhone 4 costume. This is a must see so make sure you check out the video below…


  • rizo g

    i aint an american or a christian … and i only n0 as much ab0ut halloween as what i see on the tv’s but isnt halloween ab0ut scaring people …. the iphone 4 aint scary its nice

    • brent

      You’re right. iPhone is nice. For Halloween in the U.S. people dress up as anything, not just ghosts, goblins, and vampires. In fact, most people don’t dress up as anything scary. Anything pop culture is popular as a costume. (go figure) And as far as I know, Halloween is not a Christian holiday. For us it’s just a fun thing.

      • rizo g

        thAnx 4 da explanation … i knew that halloween wasnt a christian holiday but isnt it just part of christian culture … l0l thus far i havnt seen 1 jew celebrate halloween… i dono if they do…. do they?

      • dfink

        This is a reply to rizo g’s commend below: Halloween in the US has become a national holiday, like thanksgiving. I am jewish and I celebrate halloween every year. In reality its just an excuse to dress up and party, and I think everyone can participate in that right?

  • hahahaha best costume ever, awesome

  • Spaz33

    It doesnt work on my iphone!!! Strange because or the other video’s did 🙁

  • sk@tta

    Is like the guy has an eternal smile on his face. The mans mouth doesnt change thru the entire clip

  • rainrose

    Wow!!! How cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jesser04

    I can’t see it either someone please post a link.

  • Monkey

    wow, a complete set including the facial mask. But the facial mask is kinda ugly


    A video about and iPhone 4. And I can’t even watch it on my iPhone 4.

  • Nad

    its good but it think the guy is gettin a bit too excited :S

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Uhhhh Question.
    Why tha FACK can’t I see the Video on my iPhone Expensive 4!???!!!!

  • DarkReaper

    eFFFing GAY! What shyt is this!!

  • DarkReaper


  • Some YouTube videos can’t be watched on the iPhone. I know it’s lame but it has nothing to do with the iPhone. It’s just some settings that were not turned ON when the guy uploaded his video.

  • a3b01275

    Stupidest video I’ve ever seen in my life, but cool costume.

  • deviljelly

    proof that 6 months locked in your dorm can get you laid by a hot chick …. I give him a 90% chance at the weekend

  • The guy must have had a lot of time on his hands.

  • pigsy101

    …. who knew white people can’t dance?? ;-P

    Very clever mod though.