Here is one original accessory for your iPhone. It’s a speaker amplifier in the shape of a horn.

Best part of it is that it doesn’t need any batteries as it takes advantage of the horn to naturally amplify the sound coming out of your speaker by adding up to 12 decibels. That’s what the product description says anyway.

You can get this amplifier for $25 from here. More iPhone accessories in our very own store (support the site!).

  • Felix

    Honestly, I think the iPhones speaker is loud enough. This product would be beneficial for us iPod 4 users.

  • Z

    Anyone noticed the difference in volume between 4.0.1 and 4.1? I noticed a volume boost, but quality is shitty when playing at max volume. Anyone else?

    iPhone 3GS

  • Ronaldo

    Yeah my 3GS and iphone 4 sound both increase on 4.1 when it’s on full volume it sounds different to 4.01 sorry for my english Ahah

  • Nadd

    Ur english is fine m8 dunno Wat ur apologising for lol yes ihave the same issue on my 3GS the volume increases but sounds so blurred and rubbish

    • Ghr

      His is English is even better than yours.

      • Ghr

        Lmao. Fail.

  • Z

    @Ronaldo yeah dude, your English is ways better than the encoded languages we get to see on this blog.

    @Nadd Exactly! The sound is terrible on 4.1 I wonder if that’s apple’s way of enforcing people to use their built in bullshit equalizer

    Anyone knows of a fix for Volume issues on 4.1?

  • shitty when playing at max volume. Anyone else