With the rumors flying again that Verizon might be getting a CDMA iPhone sometime next year, it looks like AT&T might be getting ready for life after iPhone exclusivity. Bloomberg notes that AT&T has been ramping up new smartphones on their network.

Lately they have added several new Windows 7 and Android phones to their mix of units. AT&T has said numerous times that they are not worried about losing the iPhone exclusivity due to the increase in popularity with Android and interest in Windows 7 Mobile.

At the same time AT&T has been spending a lot of time getting employees re-trained for the new products after most concentrating on the iPhone for the last 4-5 years.  According to John Dwyer, senior vice president, sales operations and customer experience at AT&T, sales people in the urban areas will be subject to intensive four-hour classes while in rural areas they would be shown live video programs.

AT&T reported in their most recent quarterly report that they activated a record 5.2 million iPhones. The other significant item was AT&T reporting that more than 50% of AT&T’s new customers did not choose the iPhone. According to the latest numbers, AT&T is up to 92.8 million subscribers in total versus 93.4 million on Verizon’s network.

What do you think? Should AT&T be worried about losing its iPhone monopoly?

  • I am from germany and today came an annoucement, that Vodafone and O2 will offer the iPhone at the 27. october (up to today only t-mobile was able to offer), so maybe in the us too

    • Z

      I doubt there are O2 and Vodafone in the states (those are European carriers), but AT&T is relatively confident about the loss. They believe in their current loyal customer base

  • Dave

    I just can’t wait until someone else gets the iPhone. I won’t be leaving AT&T but alot of ppl will (and less will come) and that will ease up the network strain and hopefully make for better service

    • Felix

      With all the other smart phones in the market, I think this issue will get worse. iPhone or no iPhone.

  • Kingz

    I doubt versions iphone will be able to multitask, also verizons plans are too expensive and their customer care is trash. Verizon charges u to call your voicemail, wtf? Lol. Either way i am 100% sure att will stay on top providing service for the most iphone users.

    • William

      I agree completely, I used Verizon for 2 years a while back and their customer service is terrible. Also their coverage is not as great as they claim. If you really want to see who has the better coverage, drive across the US. I used to drive truck and my brother still does and lots of place no Verizon coverage where they claim to have near 100% coverage.

    • Brandon

      Your right multitasking is impossible on a CDMA network regardless of the phone you have. But by that I mean you cannot be on the Internet and a call. Not sure about other multitasking options

  • Monkey

    Verizon might have better coverage but I like gsm better. CDMA network drains battery faster than gsm.