Do you want to know who’s using your iPhone, stealing it, or just opening it up and snoop around on it? Well, iGotYa is your choice! iGotYa is a new tweak available in Cydia for $4.99, provided first by a few days of trial.

iGotYa enables you to protect your iPhone with an unlock password. If the unlock code entered is wrong 3 times in a row, then iGotYa will take a picture and get the location of your iPhone silently and send it to your email address… 

In addition, it pops up a text that is displayed to those who are using your iPhone without permission, just like the image above.

While we haven’t tried iGotYa, we do like the concept of it.

If you love your iPhone, go ahead and protect it by using iGotYa, then make sure to tell us what you think about this application.

  • MikeLo

    Got it!!!

  • A good thing is the personal message, which says the finder to give it back. so everyone with a little bit of social.. i do not know this word in english (“Gewissen”) of social “thinking” will return it to the owner!
    Love it, will buy it, will use it, will tell you (;

  • Mavdp007

    Anyone know of a startup application launcher? I have FoneHome and love it but I need to make sure it runs at startup all the time… any ideas?

    • six4seven

      Back to the topic at hand…Has anyone tried iGotYa?? How does the image of the culprit get sent (email/sms)?

      • six4seven

        Oh, email. I didn’t read that part lol

      • Mavdp007

        Ok; then does anyone know of a way to startup iGotYa automatically?

      • Lightbender

        It works great accept io tested it in restriction mode and it removed all my sub folders leaving a mess but it did send a very accurate pic and location via email so I just need to find out what caused it to move the sub folders cause I really like it

      • Dimac


  • theComer

    could someone tell us the source? I searched in Cydia and found nothing. 🙁

  • AppleBits

    Tried it. Entered my passcode several times wrong, but this app never popped up the message, and no email. Unistalled.
    May be some conflict with Info Lockscreen??

  • MikeLo

    It’s in my setting & works great

  • rainrose

    Got it! 🙂

  • Furfante

    Just crashed my Springboard.. Erased all of my apps and settings.. Mail and everything..

    • six4seven

      It erased all of your apps and settings???!!!

      • Furfante

        Yep.. I was only left with the stock apps. it erased all of my music as well. My mail configurations as well.. it took me a whole evening to get back to normal..

    • Kingz

      I guess the person u stole your fone from just did a remote wipe before u could put igotya on it to prevent ur stolen phone to be stolen again. Lol

    • AppleBits

      Doesn’t if have an option to allow thief to try twice, then still able to use phone but not able to see anything like you pointed out??

  • MikeCohen

    it worked great for me! thanks for this app

  • HT

    What a load of rubbish this program is. Tried it out and in Secure Mode it emptied all my folders and when I quit Secure Mode everything was scattered across loads of screens. I’m using Infinifolders so I don’t know if this is an issue with that or not but it didn’t send me an email despite it being set to. Needless to say, it’s coming straight off.

  • brent

    iPhone 4 IOS 4.0.1, Installed it and it did nothing. Checked/adjusted settings. Rebooted phone. Nothing. Uninstalled.

  • nniicccoo

    Well, you can use mobile me, which has the same features for free 😉 Google can tell you more about that 😛

    • MobileMe is not free…. $99/year

      • Goofygreek

        Yea. I just use mobile me. Seems to work the best out of all the iPhone tracking apps.

      • soccerkrzy

        It’s probably free for them since mommy & daddy pay for it.

  • sounds like it could work, but i dont think a picture would help anything.

  • Igotya

    The photos igotya take at the lickscreen are pure black? Why?

  • Pakoala

    It doesn’t work, the ideas is good but needs improvement.

  • rainrose

    nearly messed up my phone..not for me. 🙁

  • GeraldT

    Well, the developer updated it and now it works great for me, the only problem is it doesn’t restore your apps back where they were, but that’s not a big deal. The main reason I like this is the photo! My sister had her iPhone 4 stolen but had MobileMe. Anyway, got the location and it was a multi-story apartment complex! She had no idea who actually had it but if she had this, she could go door to door and know what the thief looks like. Everyone else, give it a try again, the update fixed nearly everything.

  • dt

    installed it and swiped all my icons, I have to restore my ipsw and jail break again.

    • Furfante

      me too..

  • Poul

    After i installed it, i got loads of spam in my mailbox, seems that Igotya gives your email to spammers, crappy program

  • Anyone know if this works for the new ipod touch 4g w. The cameras? If so were do u get this app at??

  • Bbc

    Hi guys ! it’s easy to get all the information and everything back. This app is Awesome !!!

  • Okay so how?

  • rbikky

    u gotta add this repo: You will find a beta and a regular version there. It worked great for me. You gotta go to settings and enable the options you want. Best part is the photo and secure login! I will buy this app!

  • Its not workin?? Im so dumb founded when it comes to this stuff uhhhg lol

  • Eric

    I’ve been using iLocalis for over a year…all these features and a lot more though it is a bit more pricey as it is a subscription service, but heaps more powerful and it has never messed up my iPhone

  • FUkC iGotYa

    i lost all my fukcin stuff … had it in secure mode and everything that was hidden never came back .. anyone know of a way to retrieve all those hidden files ??

    now i know why its called IGOTYA … cuz THEYGOTME … all my stuff is gone … developers probably reading this ROFL going I GOT YAAAAA …

    camera roll .. EMPTY
    text messages … EMPTY
    notes … EMPTY
    etc … EMPTY


    • Noelcc

      same problem…any help how to recover lost data but my memory did not increase?

  • fuck this app i lost all my apps too and i cant turn of my phone to no general settings icon no nothing

    camera roll .. EMPTY
    text messages … EMPTY
    notes … EMPTY
    etc … EMPTY

    all … EMPTY

  • sunny

    iv tried too.crashed everything not even iphone setting option is available
    all phone is empty

  • I thought it lost all my apps, but after a hard reboot (Home and power) they re-appeared.

  • I had IGotYa installed on my iPhone, and then it was stolen last week… Now I have a Picture of the person and coordinates. The problem is, that my phone now is in Spain and I live in Denmark. So I’ve tried to put the picture up on FaceBook, hoping that someone someday would tag him, and thus letting me know the dudes name, so I can call the local cops. But as for now, I am iPhoneless… Does ANYONE know of ANY site that can recognize faces? I’ve tried, but it dosen’t work properly… Any help in catching the guy is much appreciatred… Ty… Here’s the link for the picture taken by IGotYa;

  • courtney glidden

    How or where do I go to get the igotya app?