Cut The Rope was developed by ZeptoLab and is an ingenious puzzle game which features addictive game play at its best. This concept is simple, strategically cutting ropes (with a swipe of your finger) dangling with candy to feed a green monster named “Om Nom.”

Game play almost seems endless with 100 diverse levels, which are divided into 4 different boxes. Each box contains 25 levels and to progress to other boxes you must collect a specified number of stars to unlock the next box…

Simplicity is really one of the keys to success for iDevice games. There really is no learning curve to this game, as the concept is extremely simple. Strategically cut the strings with the candy to feed Om Nom while also trying to collect the stars. Each level has 3 stars, and you don’t have to get them all, but if you want to open the next box you have to try to get the most stars as possible from each level.

The game does get progressively harder. New elements such as bubbles, spiders, and air torrents add more depth and ultimately variety of game play. Some of you puzzle game lovers will be keen on this, but others of you will be pulling your hair out!

Several levels get extremely hard (if not impossible) and you will find yourself failing time after time. However, ZeptoLab was kind enough to add the ability to skip levels and come back. This is also helpful when you redo levels in an attempt to get more stars.

The design and graphics really show that ZeptoLab is here to compete with the iTunes App Store. The candy and string bounce around realistically; somewhat reminiscent of those Yoyo’s from back in the day. You have to accurately judge how they bounce to get the stars, dodge obstacles and feed the adorable Om Nom.

There is a high level of replayability and this is a great game for you daily commuters. For only $.99, Cut the Rope [iTunes Link] gives you so much and I highly recommend it for you puzzle lovers.

  • Thomas G

    I’ve actually had this game a little under a week now. Verrry addictive, and gets real challenging after a while.

    Definitely worth at least a try.

  • I’ve had this game for about a week as well and it’s really addictive. I love playing it while on the bathroom. Is that TMI?

    • Z

      My wife calls the bathroom ‘MY office’.
      Seb, do you catch yourself disappearing in your office as well? =)

  • six4seven

    I’ve also had this for a week. It is very addicting and I even think that its better than Angry Birds. It’s better because you need to actually think about each move you make.

    I give it 5 stars!

  • Tony

    I’ve also had it for around a week and it is very fun. I’ve beat all the boxes and can’t wait till they release the next one

  • Jose

    I got all 300 stars. Waiting for more level packs.

  • sk@tta

    Ahhh………. I wonder if i inspired this long awaited review. Im addicted to this game. ZeptoLabs should ad on more levels

  • Kosesho

    Nice game, but they gotta make some hard lvls for more fun, cause the hardest lvl toke me 5 shots

  • Irha

    Wow, so nicely done and much better than the meaningless theme of the Angry Birds. Worth every penny at $0.99. Thank you so much for introducing the game.

  • Esquivo

    I love this game!!! My birds are so angry because I don’t have time for them…

  • Justin

    Love this game. Almost finished with the 100 levels.

  • Game is great! It’s got that “why didn’t I think of this” thing going on. Truly the sign of a great game.

  • SPS

    Great game. Way too short unfortunately. I guess it’s understandable when you have to think extremely hard to make just one of these innovative levels. Any other Games that you guys recommend?

  • rfrfawscw

    man #$$## yo mama