The Hand-E-Holder is the best way to make sure you will never drop your iPad. Ever!

The Hand-e-holder is a simple device that consists of two parts: an adhesive disk applied to the back of your iPad, and a strap that looks vaguely like a biking glove and fits snuggly around your hand. You can then attach the disk to the holder and securely carry the iPad around with a single hand, without any worry about it slipping out of your fingers when you’re not paying attention.

Selling at $40, that might not be a bad investment, especially for those of you who move around a lot with your iPad.

[Home Klondike]

  • eAmy

    That’s fun and its practical because you don’t get to touch the screen with hands so, no fingerprints ! But I prefer regular holsters like the ones on this online store : http// Cheap price for nice products.