You didn’t expect that one, did you? All the rumors have been about Verizon getting the iPhone, but we hadn’t heard much about Verizon getting the iPad. It’s official, as of October 28, Verizon will be selling the iPad wifi.

Verizon will take this opportunity to upsell its new iPad customers with their MiFi, a mobile hotspot you can bring anywhere with you.

Now am I the only thinking the page dedicated to the iPad on Verizon’s website looks cheap and put together by an intern in 10 minutes?

Is it a surprise that Verizon is getting the iPad? You tell us what you think by leaving a comment below…

  • Eric

    20 bucks for 1 gb F that tether with iPhone via mywi!!

  • Eric

    Wait a minute! $629 for a 16 gb wifi only iPad?? I paid 599 for my 32gb wifi only, and if I am not mistaken the myfi is just a wifi broadcaster you carry in your pocket!? So there is no difference between these ipads and the ones from apple so why would you buy these?? Unless the my adapter is included which is still a rip!

  • Dadditude

    Wouldn’t go for that deal, but if Verizon (or even AT&T) were to offer a subsidized 3G iPad, I might would consider it.