After jailbreaking with Limera1n, one of the first apps I went to reinstall was QuickReply for SMS. QR is an app that allows you to reply to incoming text messages no matter where you are on your phone — without ever having to leave the current app.

I was disappointed to see the headline in the app description (now about a month old) that QuickReply is “depreciated, not dead, depreciated.” Author Gaurav Khanna goes on to explain that he’s dropped all support for QuickReply for SMS, meaning the bugs and problems with it are here to stay.

Worse, Khanna goes on to say he’s developing for the App Store now, striking a blow to all us faithful jailbreakers. His reasoning? “Jailbreaking is fun, but it’s not IMHO a venue to release a product. Compatibility became the biggest problem…”

This strikes to the core of the frustration of Apple fans that also love jailbreaks. I’m no developer, but I imagine developing a jailbreak app is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when every time Apple updates iOS or the phone, backwards compatibility gets progressively worse and more difficult. There’s an easy solution to this — for Apple to legitimize Cydia and jailbreak features, providing them the same resources and tools the App Store has.

But we all know that will never happen.

So in the meantime, we’re left with our favorite jailbreaks becoming “depreciated” or dead. Khanna argues making QR free is recognizing its depreciation but doesn’t mean it’s dead. But to me, not providing any timetable for future updates means it is dead, or rather, it’s a ghost app. Now it’s floating around Cydia with the dozens (or hundreds?) of other jailbreak apps, themes, and customizations that haven’t been updated and probably never will be.

I don’t blame Khanna for moving on to developing for the app store, but it’s a shame there’s such an active, rabid fan base for jailbreaks — so rabid we often overwhelm the devs with emails and questions — but Apple isn’t willing to recognize the community and use them to broaden the scope of the App Store and Apple’s appeal.

I’m on the hunt for another in-app SMS client now. Any suggestions, iDB readers? I’m hoping to put together a review of the top ones I find! And what are your thoughts on Cydia vs. App Store and devs leaving behind their jailbreak apps?

  • Michael

    I use bitesms. It includes a great quick reply and quick compose component. If you use 4.1 you have to download bitesms 5.0 beta to download the latest compatible app. It completely replaces default SMS app.

    • Burge

      I’ve used bitesms since 2.0 .. I got it then just for the forward message reply and that’s now a feature on iOS… Bitesms is so much better than QR , it covers alot more features. This is the first app I install when I update and rejailbreak …

    • c0ntr0l

      How do you 5.0 all I can get 4.99

    • John

      Hi, My experience is that Bitesms (BSMS) only becomes the default client when invoked from the Apple contacts app. When you initiate an SMS from other contact apps, they open the native Apple SMS client instead. This is true of: ContactsP, Contacs Journal lite (this is the one I most want to use – the full version), SuperSearch, Dialvetica.

      So far only ABContacts invokes BITE sms – because in it’s own settings you can make that choice.

  • Jared

    It disappoints that lots of great Devs are leaving for the app store. But maybe,we will see some better app store apps in the future though.

  • IvanaBanonymous

    Quickreply Is one of my most missed apps. The fact he never followed through and updated for MMS really made me mad. I use MMS all the time, and having this app was bitter sweet for this reason.

  • Icon

    Regrettfully this app is done. I liked it in it’s simplicity and integration with the apple SMS client. I guess I’ll be moving to bitesms going forward.

  • Reianz

    I think Tlert is a great alternative to Quickreply SMS.

  • Got2BJoey

    I used QR, but Bitesms is such a better App. That’s why QR is dead and free.

  • KitKat_13

    I switched to Tlert when quickreply kept freezing up my phone and absolutely love it 🙂

  • mookee

    So YOU did use LIMERA1N? and u wer telling us to avoid it? ha sebastien? wer was ur masters wen u needed him? joke! oh yah good app!

    • Sebastien didn’t write this post, I did. So I was the one who jb with Limera1n. I’m a rebel! 🙂

  • WOW!

    Wow Sebastian, I’m really glad you wrote about this, I thought I was the only one with this problem. Thanks for addressing this and thanks for the solutions in the comments

    • chrispx

      Same goes for me. It looks like I’ll be trying Bitesms in the near future.

  • johnny appleseed

    i still use QR and have it on my iphone 4 jb’d with 4.1, i also purchased bitesms but don’t like all the additional features….i just want to be able to text from the lock screen or what ever app i’m in. it’s worked great for me and still does….not happy that it is now free and discontinued.

    Good luck to the dev anyway.

    • johnny appleseed

      Opps…my mistake….i confused bitesms with iRealSMS….ignore my previous comments…I’ll give bitesms a try, hopefully its better than iRealSMS as i’m not a big fan of it and it was very expensive.

  • SpunkyMonkey

    Could not get BiteSMS version 4.99 to run on 4.1. Installed the beta 5.0 and had no problems running it.

  • Lequang242

    The most useful app! Thank you for the great app Khanna.

  • Rae j