This guide will show you how to jailbreak your iPad iOS 3.2.2 using GreenPois0n, the latest jailbreak tool by the Chronic Dev Team. If you have already jailbroken your iPad with LimeRa1n and it is working fine for you, then there is no need to jailbreak again using GreenPois0n.

At the time I am writing this, GreenPois0n is for Windows only, although a Mac version should be available soon.

Step 1: Download GreenPois0n and run it as an administrator.

Step 2: Power off your iPad, and connect it to your PC.

Step 3: Walk through the steps to put your iPad into DFU mode to prepare for jailbreak.

Step 4: Once you’re in DFU mode, click the ‘Jailbreak!’ button to jailbreak your iPad.

Step 5: Now, just wait until the status bar shows complete, and your iPad will reboot to the home screen.

Step 7: You should now have a new “Loader” icon on your springboard. Launch Loader. Select Cydia > Install Cydia.

Step 8: One Cydia has successfully been installed, you will be asked if you want to remove Loader. Hit “Remove” and your iPad  will automatically reboot.

Your iPad 3.2.2 should now be successfully jailbroken using GreenPois0n. If you have any question or comment, make sure to add them in the comments section below.

  • Michael

    Has anyone successfully jailbroken 4.2 Beta? Downgrading to 3.2.2 to jailbreak is a HUGE step backwards.

  • Delano

    Anyone have flash working with green poison? Couldn’t getbit to work with limera1n.

  • Wunderbar


    Anyone find success with this JB?
    Pls do share, will hate to brick my iPad ver 3.2.2


    • Yes it works. You can’t brick an iPad. Go for it!

      • Wunderbar

        Will take the leap of faith n let u know how it goes 🙂

      • wunderbar

        sebastian, forgot to ask 1 thing.

        can i use this with itunes ver 9.2?

        i dont wanna update itunes cause i havent JBed by iphone to ver4.1 yet.

        thank you 🙂

      • No. I believe you need iTunes 10. Pretty sure.

  • Meir

    tryed it on win xp whwn i release the sleep button the computer goes to sleep mode and never finishes when i press the wakeup button it says retry. Why use the sleep button we have many other choices. ?

    • You didn’t hit the power button on your PC, did you?

      • Meir

        I thought that this is a help line not an insult talkback .

        I hit the sleep button on the keyboard and when I let go my computer goes to sleep mode . Isnt it what a sleep button suposed to do. I have 3 keys sleep wake and power on my keyboard.

        When you were born I was programming.

  • Michael

    @Meir I hope your kidding.

    • Meir

      Why am i kidding thats what happens .

  • Michael Johnson

    The sleep button on your IPAD!

  • Michael

    You’re wrong on both accounts. This is a blog not a support forum, try YouTube or watch the step by steps on Redmond Pie. I’m not insulting you I’m just taken aback by your lack of common sense.

  • Meir

    I was illustrating a point. What you call common sense most people don’t have a clue. if you publish a guide you must be specific.

    Power button on the IPAD would be OK.

    I’ve been a programmer to long and taken it on the chin too many times
    When not being specific .

    Saving you grief in your future endeavors

  • Jack

    I tried many times to jb ver3.2.2 with iTunes 9 multiple time, but it doesn’t work. The ipad just goes to white screen at the end without going back to the home screen

  • Josh

    Please give us step by step to jailbreak iPAD with iOS 4.2.1 (untethred version)
    My iPad is the newest one with iOS 4.2.1

    Thank you.

    • There is no untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 so far

      • Sue J

        There is now …. So where’s our guide!?! 8-). Am not doing it till you tell me how!! xox merry Xmas and a ihappy new year xox

  • Tommy

    can some one tell me how to fined Jailbreak for my Ipad 3G os 4.2.1. ?

    thank you all

  • good info !. thanks for sharing.

  • ross kelly

    hey guys , anyone know a good source for the ipad , i need installous , cant seem to find it . im on os3.2 . jailbroken it already – just need source

  • appleman

    hey guys you can JB ipad 4.2.1 using green poison