Last month we reported that Angry Birds creators wanted to push their success a bit further by turning the famous birds into a movie and toys. While the movie still seems like a stretch to me, I never doubted we’d see some Angry Birds toys hit the shelves. It seems it’s now just a matter of time.

Some guy was walking the streets of NY when he saw a woman carrying a box of Angry Birds plush toys. He snapped a picture and asked her more about the toys. Apparently they will be in stores early 2011…

I wonder if they make funny noises when you squeeze them.

Too bad I’m too old for one of those Angry Birds.  Would you buy an Angry Bird stuffed toy?

  • Spaz33

    yep i would buy 1, but i would have to kick it as i dont have a sling shot!!

  • target practice 🙂

  • Weebsurfer

    Just imagine small angry bird plushies flying over cubicle walls. I’d buy several. I have a few snide green pigs I’d huck ’em at 😉

  • I will surely buy, hey sebas no matter what age ,toys are great fun ….

  • Ponycrest

    Love them, it’s my favorite app ever !!

  • Kmt

    This is the only app my wife and I paly together.

  • zo1o

    dude thats sick, i want one to throw it to the people in their face! 🙂 ahahahahah im gonna have so much fun! i cant wait to buy them all 😀

  • majorLordaquist

    Yes! I want one of each! Definitely need squeeze and squawk functionality, or perhaps squawk on impact.

  • marioyer

    2011!! They should be out by Christmas. They make great stocking stuffers!!

  • Eddie Bear

    I just got 5 of these in the mail.
    It’s an Angry Bird Plush toy. The legs are like rubber tubing and almost sound like the slingshot being pulled back in the game.
    When the legs are pulled back and the bird is shot it gives off a SQWAAAAK!

    This is one company that seem to be in touch with the customers.


    • Wladimir

      Hey,Eddie Bear,where did you bought this birds with sound??? On the official site they dont have sound anc the catapult.

  • droid

    Someone has a AngryBird plush toy up for Auction all proceeds goto charity… not sure when they are official released could be the best chance to own one way before the release.