LSRotator is a new jailbreak app in Cydia that lets you rotate your iPhone lockscreen. Just like it works on your iPad, this tweak lets your iPhone lockscreen rotate according to your device orientation.

If you liked SBRotator, then this app will be a nice addition and will let you use your iPhone in landscape mode on the lockscreen too…

According to the app description, you can lock the orientation by simply tapping the lockscreen with 2 fingers. Rotation duration, orientation angles and graphical options are available under settings.

LSRotator supports Cydgets, CyDialer, LockInfo, ClockHide, SmartScreen and several other addons.

It’s available in Cydia for $0.99. I can’t see myself using this app. Can you?

  • Rahul

    OT is the language displayed Russian ???

    • palotO

      Greek I think, there is an Epsilon and a Beta

  • Burge

    I just don’t see the point of this….the idevice has been made to hold portrait not landscape

  • It’s Fuckin’ Fake!! Cause The Arrow Button On The iDevice, is not like the one in the picture =D The Arrow in this pic os black.. on iDevice is not black!! BTW should we go happy ?? just for rotating lock screen ? + it cost $0.99 !! HAHA I HATE YOU Jailbreak =D

    • ?

      Can someone decrepit this for me ! And put it in plain English ….

  • DomPerignon

    Totally idiotic and useless app.

  • Anaptiras

    it says “tuesday 21 september” and the language is greek..

  • Kev

    Might be more aesthetic if you have a calendar on your lockscreen and want to put it in a stand on your desk? Maybe? Perhaps?…………?

  • Jsnow

    That’s not new… I’ve had that for a while now… And it sucks!!!!!

  • How Idiots are these developers =D kiss ekht el habal bi ejre lol .!!

    • SillyBear

      Go back under whatever rock you crawled from under.

  • appletiser

    and so it begins, you wouldn’t have found useless rubbish like this in the Rock store (:

    • Kev

      No? Just useless apps like myprofiles which don’t even work properly.

  • Polemicist

    Like every app in creation in the Cydia Store this has been put into the Evil Cydia sources that give you a “Community Warning” message when you add them. 🙂 You can find LSRotator in those sources and then try before you buy… Then do what I did and delete before you puke… SBRotator is just as bad … Fun for a day then you wonder why you bothered getting it…

  • QuarterSwede

    Actually, this is perfect if only half of your screen is working. Not useless.