I like people with confidence. They maintain an aura of cool while some intense situations are presented to them. Then once in a while their confidence is largely mistaken as delusion. Is that what is happening with the CEO of AT&T and his latest claim of not caring about losing iPhone exclusivity? Not really.

Market Watch has a report that cites Randall Stephenson telling investors that basically the majority of current iPhone users are in long contracts as it stands. That’s certainly true however those “long” contracts are less than 2 years and will eventually need to be renewed to stay long term…

Stephenson is quoted saying the following:

If you look at the iPhone base, about 80% is either on a family-talk plan or in a business relationship with us. Those customers tend to be very sticky. They don’t churn very frequently.

For the most part he’s correct. Most people don’t like going through the hassle of changing over a line let alone a family plan with multiple phones involved. I for one don’t think Verizon is all that great where they can offer enough savings to make an average iPhone user switch. They might not even be able to save them a dime.

Do you agree with the CEO? Is it naive to think that the troubles of a potential Verizon iPhone aren’t concerning for AT&T? Give us your opinions in the comments below.

  • tom

    In a moment of confusioin and delusion, i actually checked into as close to a matching plan with verizon as i could find to my current plan with AT&T.
    I have my phone and my wifes phone. no special discounts or anything since we both have iphones and dont “qualify” for any discounts since we have iphones.
    the closest thing verizon has to what i personally have and am happy with is $30/month MORE than what i am spending with AT&T. Plus if you look carefully, Verizon will be tiered on data as well. I currently have the old school unlimited with AT&T and have made it a point to NOT do anything that would force me into a tiered plan.
    I have family who are still with verizon and i left verizon 3 years ago. they may have a larger coverage base, but the network speed is slower – – visibly so on a side by side phone comparison.
    So yeah, i can see where the ceo’s pov is coming from. plenty of contracts still in place, LTE coming in 2011 . . . and who knows what else all the mobile providers are cooking up.
    But for an additional $30/month, verizon would have to have something that i just couldnt live without for me to go thru the headache of a switch. And currently, i just dont see anything on their menu that even remotely peaks my interest to start thinking about a switch.

  • Eslehz

    I don’t think it would matter at all. I think when the iPhone makes it way to Verizon. All the people will see that not only you are paying the same but they will have a slower iPhone. At least here in Florida you would. Verizon 3G can’t be compared to AT&T 3G here. It’s almost two and a half times faster.

  • I am a verizon user so I am looking forward to a change. Att has to be somewhat worried since they will loose a bunch of business I am sure.

  • c0ntr0l

    I agree it is faster in florida I test my iPhone 4 against a droid 2 on verizon and smoked  it

  • Kingz

    The first company will always have the advantage as its been 5 years for them to correct the glitches. (at&t)

  • Z

    He’s got a point. I’m a business customer with AT&T. Had the same business account for over 30 years. But ever since they rejected my upgrade to iphone4, I am seriously thinking of switching a carrier.

  • Nuugame

    First of all, people need to understand something; the iPhone is a well manufactured and well marketted device by it’s manufacturer. As a company, apple has successfully found a way to market all their products well enough to create so much excitement about it that most of the people that own one their products get it more on a fashion basis or shall I say ‘coolness’ factor. When it’s all said and done, none if us have experienced the iPhone on Verizon and until we do, it’s only just a comparison with other smart phones such as blackberries and droids.

    Verizon, AT&T, tmobile and Sprint are all wireless carriers and are all gonna have some advantage over each other and if it wasn’t for the iPhone on AT&T, I’m not sure what their specialty is. As for sprint and tmobile, it’s all about low prices and unique phone models with so-so coverage and Verizon is all about higher prices and more coverage for voice and data. Your pick.

  • Fman52

    I actually agree with the CEO. My uncle runs a bussnis and goes through AT&T. I am in the same plan with him so I no he will not switch

  • That’sMe

    On principle, I hate monopolies. But that’s only because I live in Europe, it seems… I’d wish apple stops these crappy agreements and allow people to choose their own provider, whatever their reasons be.

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