There are a few apps that I like to use to show people what the iPhone can do. Star Walk has always been my favorite show off app but it seems that it’s going to be dethroned by Plane Finder AR.

Plane Finder AR uses the iPhone augmented reality capability of your iPhone to show you information about planes flying around you. Simply point your iPhone at a plane flying by and you will see the flight number, aircraft registration, speed, altitude and how far away it is…

Here is more info from the app description:

Plane Finder AR blends the data from our Plane Finder virtual radar apps with the Augmented Reality capabilities of the iPhone to show you what is flying overhead. The app is fun to use and is very dynamic. It will work in all areas for which we have coverage.

Please check our web map at or ask a question via to make sure we cover your area. We are adding feeds all of the time so it’s always worth checking back in regularly.

Plane Finder AR works by picking up ADS-B plane feeds used by all commercial planes to transmit their name, position, destination and lots more.

At $2.99, Plane Finder AR [download link] is a must have for those like me who like to show off how amazing the iPhone can be.


  • Joe

    Ar apps are always cool

  • Burge

    And there is planet finder aswell

  • Jason masters

    This sounds dangerous for it’s potential.

    • Solo Zero


  • Ian

    Wow this app sounds pretty incredible! Anybody actually tried it? I’m just curious, how good does it work?

  • T-Mizzle


  • Gurps

    Just downloaded it…don’t know how to use it..all it shows me is a map and all the planes. Nothing about pointing it at a plane and it showing you info.

    • Dadditude

      Which iPhone do you have? AR apps will only work if your phone has a compass, such as the 3GS or iPhone 4.

  • Doesn’t work in most of the USA. Denver, AZ, Cali, and around the New York area only.

    • Larry

      Works in St. Louis just tried it.

  • Claude

    This app has bad review, read them before buying.

  • Patrick

    does it work in the UK?

  • shows the same near real time data as Plane Finder and Plane Finder HD.

    The latest version includes a range of great features including:

    * No Browser Timeout – Leave it open as long as you want and it’ll keep running
    * Google Earth “Fly Me” – Create a .kml file that you can actually fly in Google Earth!
    * Create multiple trail lines – like in the screenshot below
    * Powerful new search facility
    * Cleaner interface with no advertising
    * Much improved experience for those that choose to embed the map onto their own websites.

  • cuntfinder


  • Tim_Aitch

    It does sound cool, but what a tool for the wrong sort of person.

  • Alan

    Does it work on helicopters

  • Fluxgirl

    I wouldn’t have bought it if I realized it doens’t work in the US.