If you weren’t sure whether Apple thought gaming was a good market to target or not, I’m sure this will change your mind as the company recently added a Games Section to their website, which you can see it at www.apple.com/games.

The website doesn’t only cover iPhone and iPad games. It also features many games for everything Mac…

This new site offers many reviews, articles, and more. Of course, it lets you buy plenty of games too.

I personally find the site incredibly boring: the colors are very bland and the lay out is too busy. Go check it out and tell us what you think.

UPDATE: Danny tells me on Twitter that this Games section has been around forever. Nothing new. Well, the bright side is I might not be the only one not knowing about this section, so I’m sure it will be helpful to some of you.

  • Looks spiffy. Can I use the word “spiffy”?

    • I have no idea what it means but it doesn’t sound bad, so yes, you can use “spiffy” 馃槈

      • appletiser

        spiff路y 聽(spf) Informal
        adj. spiff路i路er, spiff路i路est
        Smart in appearance or dress; stylish.
        tr.v. spiff路ied, spiff路y路ing, spiff路ies
        To make attractive, stylish, or up-to-date.
        [Possibly from dialectal spiff, dandified.]
        spiffi路ly adv.
        spiffi路ness n.

      • Thanks! hehe

  • Brad Cook

    As the guy who writes all the articles at apple.com/games, I wanted to say thanks for the coverage. And, yes, it’s been around for at least a decade: I started writing articles for the site in 2000. My first pieces were about Deus Ex and The Sims.

    • Hey Brad,

      Thanks for the comment. Maybe you should write articles for this blog too 馃檪