Rodman and Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar tells GigaOm that waiting for an iPhone 4 will become noticeably easier by the end of September. If the production of devices finally gets on par with their demand, Kumar says the iPhone 4 should sell 14 million units in the 3rd quarter and 15 million in the 4th. What’s unbelievable is that those predictions are actually feasible and not ridiculous.

Without a “big” delay in supply Kumar believes that Apple can lynch off the flow of supply enough to stay well ahead of their expectations. I would say he’s right given the record numbers thus far.

It’s worth mentioning that the mentioned analyst cites that LG is pumping out more 9.7 displays for the iPad’s production as well. His predictions are that the popular handheld should be able to achieve 5 to 6 million units this quarter. Not bad for being a big iPod Touch.

What has your experience been lately? Have any of you tried waltzing into an Apple (or other retailer) and been able to walk out with an iPhone 4? Let us know how your luck has been in obtaining the new iDevice in the comment section.

  • brent

    I finally picked up an iPhone 4 on Tuesday. Out of the blue I decided to try my luck and make some calls to see if anyone had any in stock. I called several ATT stores and no luck. Then the closest Apple store to me…no luck. Then the 2nd closest Apple store. They happened to have a few 32gb iPhone 4’s and told me they would likely sell them out in the next couple of hours. I went right over and got mine. So as of right now, it doesn’t seem they’re much easier to come by, but I could see that changing in the next month or 2.

    By the way…3 days into it, let me say for the record that my phone has the antenna issue (of course) but it hasn’t been an issue for me. No dropped calls or loss of service. I still haven’t decided if I’ll use the free bumper/case. I’ve always been a caseless kind of guy.

  • Ryan88

    I had to call around but at an AT&T a company had order a bunch and canceled but only the 32 gb

  • bob


    I used to be a caseless kind of guy. The iPhone 4 slips out of your hand easily because of the glass backside. I dropped mine without a case and the screen shattered. Cost me $200 to repair!

    Buy a case. The Speck HD is the best.


  • brent

    Thanks for the advice, Bob. I have noticed that when I set it down on a non-level surface it is much more likely to slide off because of the glass. I’ll check out your case suggestion. Is that the Speck PixelSkin HD offered with the free case program?

  • tom

    where else could we call besides at&t and Apple?

  • brent

    I believe Best Buy and Walmart also sell iPhones.

  • Apple everything

    No luck here in uk only way for us to get 1 is apple online 3 weeks del

  • Condios

    In Belgium no luck. The iPhone 4 was “released” three weeks ago, today, and three weeks there have been no iPhones in stores (very limited stock having sold out the very first morning it was on sale). So, we are still waiting. Needless to say the launch was a big disaster, and like a shop owner said: “they should have postponed the launch until a reasonable amount of units were available”.

  • The sales of iphone 4 are unbelievable, different people are saying different things. Can you tell me the truth exactly?

  • Canada is a disaster trying to find one as well. Many are giving up and buying something else after waiting an entire day (most missing a day of work to do so) only to be told “sorry we haven’t received any stock” or “we don’t have enough stock for everybody in line”. Apple should be trying harder to keep up with demand really. Two months after release now and it’s still a train wreck? Shameful.

  • Albert

    I’m going to grab a Samsung Galaxy S, live in a smaller town in Canada, no IPHONE 4 anywhere and who knows when they will be around.

    I need a new phone, going on a big trip in a month, and they have Galaxy S in stock at Bell store.