Let me preface this with saying that I’m as much of an Apple junkie as the next fanboy. After all, I do find time to write, tweet, & discuss all things Apple, all for the satisfaction of it.

However, it has come to my attention through various forums, tweets, and other internet media, that many iPhone owners (and some not), plan to march into their nearest Apple store and jailbreak the displayed iPhones, iPads, etc. This of course is in lieu of the recently released jailbreak via Safari at Jailbreakme.com. Didn’t we learn at age 5 not to disturb other people’s property?

Without sounding holier than thou I ask, “What’s the freaking point?” This sort of pseudo rebellion is just the behavior that yields an unfavorable opinion of us, the Apple faithful. I say us because as I stated, I’m on the forefront of the Fanboy brigade, honking the horn of the Apple express. Taking the time to walk, drive, or bike to the Apple store, solely to disrupt the peace, is only more immature than it is rewardless.

The Apple employees are under some of the most critically tuned microscopes in all of sales. Their faithful patrons have been noted as being notoriously skeptical, and often times petty, concerning the products the company offers. I’m not here to say it’s unwarranted. After all, the devices that Apple releases are not what I’d call budget friendly but as with everything else you purchase, you’re getting what you pay for.

Let me use a simple sort of perspective realignment. Imagine the inner and utter excitement you had within when you went to obtain your first iPhone, iPad, etc. I know when I went for my first Apple hand-held I could hardly keep my hands to myself in regard to fondling the latest display. Now just imagine walking in, being greeted by the sales rep who takes you to the new iPhone, only to say, “Sorry, someone has altered this device and I must do a restore before you can use it”. Not a big deal if it’s an empty store, but on packed day with a store full of jailbroken display models, this would be quite irritating.

Aside from annoyance, how does this make the company look? Let’s face it Apple fans, this release was not what any imagine would call smooth. Adding further nuisances is not the way to woo public opinion.

If your beef is with AppleCare voiding its protection upon jailbreak, you have two choices: don’t jailbreak, and if you do, don’t call AppleCare for support. Sneakily altering the models in store doesn’t and won’t change any policy that is in order. Honestly, it will only add barriers between Apple and the jailbreak community.

Perhaps you are caught doing this, and believe me many will be caught. What would you as an Apple employee whose job it is to monitor customers think if a potential customer is jumping from device to device with a smug smile on his or her face? Now perhaps you are caught. I imagine the exchange to go a little like this.

Employee: “Hey there, what exactly are you doing”?

Jailbreaker: “Uhh, I’m just jailbreaking these devices you have on display”

Employee: “Why”?

What will your answer be? Believe me when I say that you will be at the minimum thrown out of said store. My guess is that a few of those busted will be banned from stores. Catch a Genius on a bad day, you just might be explaining your shenanigans to a local policeman. Is the anonymous gratification really worth all of this?

Uncle Sam has given you the right away as it concerns jailbreaking your iDevice. Let’s not have them regretting their ruling, just hours after it was ordered. Jailbreak as many of your Apple products as you own if that’s your thing. Just leave your mitts off and away from other peoples possessions. Your kindergarden teacher would be proud.

  • Chase Adams

    Agreed. People need to take a chill pill.

  • Socomagnum

    That was pointless….really

  • Socomagnum

    I bet he thinks hes cool now lmao

  • Mike

    Agree. Leave them alone and they might leave us alone. Why get the developers at Apple working harder to stop us who jailbreak?

  • Jason masters

    I would have made the stupid kid buy the iPhone since he altered it Lil spoiled ass dipshit!


    I checked on a couple of the 18 Devices that were jailbroken in the Dallas Apple Store on Aug2nd & they have not yet been restored to Factory Settings yet. Apple might be planning to do the restores once a week.
    It was more of curiosity than rebellion, just wanted to see if Apple had taken some measures to prevent this from happening, I guess not. Please note that I could not do anything useful after jailbreaking the devices, so learn from my mischief and don’t even bother. You can’t install Winterboard, so you can’t install a really cool theme or use “no undocked icon labels” or change the slider, or change the battery. I’m sure I got lucky being able to JB 16 iPhones & 2 iPads and I’m sure that you will not be so lucky because employees are looking for people that are handling more than 1 phone.

  • The hypocrisy is palpable: http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/2009/10/12/blackra1n-is-not-the-easiest-and-quickest-jailbreak-ever/

    “Heck, it was so simple that I would go to the Apple Store in San Diego and jailbreak a bunch of iPhones on display, just for the fun of it. I would also install the NES emulator and pretend I didn’t know anything about the iPhone, call up a so-called “Genius” and be like: “OMG, this iPhone thing is awesome, you even have the NES on it”. Needless to say that the Genius didn’t really know what to say about that.”

    • @Carter This is not hypocrisy, this is just a different point of view… This article was not written by me. I till think it’s kinda funny to go to the Apple Store and be like “oh what’s this NES emulator there”.

      • Z

        How many writers are there on IDB?

  • Ifonechip

    Well worded. People let it go all it’s going to do is push the courts to go against us if there is ever another matter that goes before them.and give Apple the upper hand as always.

  • Hey

    I didn’t know this blog hired wet blankets for writers. It’s not a big deal.

  • tom

    jailbreak your own phone do not ruin this for us the less looking into this by apple the better for all of us.

  • Nick

    People like that are going to ruin the law that was just passed. Or at least make Apple realize they need stricter security on the phones.

  • Z

    People!!! Wake up and smell the coffee!!! Before jailbreaking was even made legal the AT&T and apple reps were advertising the ability to expand iPhones capabilities through jailbreaking. now if you go to apple stores and start changing themes with winterboard, installing NES and a shit load of cool tweaks, you’re only helping them increase sales. Since it’s LEGAL, apple might as well let you go to their stores, let you jailbreak their phones, let you modify them and make them look waaaaaaay cooler than a plain stock iPhone, and no, they won’t do a restore, because you are putting more buiscits on their breakfast table! If anyone ever gets thrown out of the store for jailbreaking the phone, they can sue apple.:
    1. They can locally ban access to sources of jailbreakme; (but why would they?)
    2. Those are phones for display, i.e. for people to play with and do whatever they want with it, learn all the features and what the phone is capable of. (being jailbroken is one of the capabilities)
    3. You didn’t do ANYTHING illegal for apple to treat a customer like that.

    Bottom line I think it’s pretty funny apple didn’t ban access to certain sites.

    One thing is to jailbreak, but making a video of it is pretty ballsy

  • Iphonerd

    It’s not a big deal. If apple n AT&T wants they can simply block jailbreakme.com in wifi or 3G. So as far as neither apple or AT&T not bothered keep having fun at their store guys! 🙂

  • Vik071

    Do you guys really have enough free time to go and jailbreak iPhones in different stores? I mean seriously!!!

  • msnosypants

    seriously, why would u go to an apple store and jailbreak a device, if an employee catches you (fingerprints) lol. they will report it to apple and there will be another firmware, now im getting annoyed by these firmwares. even though theres a website DONT charge people just to jailbreak lol…….if apple does finds ppl who are jailbreaking the stores phones then maybe there wont be anymore displays…..lol.

  • nate

    Lol my dad was getting a new iPhone 4 yesterday so while he did that I jailbroke 2 iPhones an ipad and an iPod touch, I have a photo for each of them and a video of the first iPhone, the only thing it could possibly do for apple is boost their sales so don’t get you panties in a knot

  • Mezz

    Lol…AT&T fuck us in tha ass with their service and bill. Why not nut all over their face…hahah

  • Jason masters

    Seems like your used to having nut in your face huh lol?!!!

  • ck

    Right on !!


    @ Z: Sorry you can’t install winterboard & change the Themes. I’ve tried on 6-7 devices with no luck and getting the same error, The other 12 Devices I just jailbroke for no reason. I guess it was too easy. No Apple Store employee came over and asked my if I had any questions or anything. I’ve posted up pics on Twitter of some of the phones jailbroken. It was 5 devices at the first store and 12 at the next store. Nothing bad happens when you jailbreak Apples phones, that’s why so many millions of people jailbreak. The phones don’t start random freezing or start going haywire, it’s the same except now has a new app on the screen called Cydia. It’s not like I caused physical harm to the device. I saw one careless individual pick one up and dropped it and put a nice scrape on the top left and the alarm went off because the security sensor fell off when he dropped it onto the concrete floor.
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  • @Z Well there is Me, Cody, Fate (who’s actually the forum moderator), and this new post was by Ethan, an all new and promising writer 🙂

    • Z

      Awesome, good to know. Will pay more attention at who the author is next time =)

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Do you get off jailbreaking phones? Like when that cydia icon pops up you get aroused? You call your friends and tell them “dude i just jb an iphone at apple store…this is so freakin’ cool”. Then post videos on youtube and be like “this is a jailbroken iphone at apple store….” Really what is the point. U go jailbreak a random phone then leave…i bet u prolly was grinning too like “this is so awesome hehehe”

    Your not really proving a point here. If y

  • SoCoMagNuM

    …if you like to jailbreak phones…why dont you just restore your iphone to factory and jailbreak it, watch the cydia icon pop up. Say “this is freakin cool” then rinse and repeat.

  • Aloha!

    If you have any questions, shoot them my way and I’ll do my best to answer all of them, even if you don’t see the same shade as me 🙂 After all, it is only through confrontation that anything gets solved… Profound I know.


    • Andrew

      Question: May I have your job?

  • I downloaded the PDF Loader Warner from Cydia and now the everytime I go to the Apple Clock I get the PDF Loader Warner screen, think Apple uses the same code to pull up the different clocks? Or the same whole is in the Apple clock area??

  • ghettocowboy

    It is pointless but I like it. It feels like slap in the face to apple

  • Andrew: Then what would I do?

  • anon

    “Catch a Genius on a bad day, you just might be explaining your shenanigans to a local policeman”

    and the policeman will say or do what exactly?
    your making up laws and moral values to support a company that will never support you. pull your head out of steves a-hole and realise that this is just one massive company offering a product, just like any other company.

  • Anon: I’m not making up anything, simply speculating such as yourself. You don’t need to break the law for someone to call the cops on you. I never said people would be charged, just that a a Genius having a lousy day might lose it over the vandalistic actions. As far as Apple “supporting” me, I don’t know exactly what context you speak of. However they have provided me many great products. Does it shock you that people are partial to Apple on an iPhone blog?

    But remember, this is Just Ethan’s .02

    • Andrew

      .02!!?? Is that all you make??! Nevermind, I don’t want your job anymore…

    • Z

      Where do you see a vandalistic action? Are they breaking anything? Are they causing chaos at the store?

      • It’s doesn’t matter what I see really, but what an employee might think. Why risk it? Whats the reward? It’s an honest question.

  • jorgeluis500

    Great post. Jailbreak your own devices, not everyone’s else.

    It must be the owner’s choice!

    I fully support this view.

  • Tlj

    Psst, they don’t sell the display models. That’s why they call them…you know…display models. By jailbreaking a display iDevice in the Apple store, you’re neither helping nor harming anyone. Now I don’t personally see the entertainment value in it but then again I don’t see the entertainment value in watching a car drive around an elliptical track over and over either yet I still have no problem with others enjoying NASCAR.