From the guys who brought us the banned iPhone 4 promo video and the banned iPad promo video, here is now the banned iPhone 4 antenna video. Enjoy!

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

  • VPA021

    Hahahahaha. I loved it. It’s all true. They just showed how apple sounded stupid.

  • Vik071

    Failed to see anything funny in this…

  • HouseMD

    Well Viki071 at least you admited you failed….

  • iPhone 4 owner

    I love it – hilarious.

  • Z

    This should give RIM, Nokia and Samsung some ideas for their future commercials. Something with a msg like “tired of constant dropped calls and reception signal? Switch from your iPhone to nokia! Nokia – connecting people, NOT disconnecting!”

  • Mariano Jorge Fainstein

    It seems to me that the problem with the antennas, when the phone is hanheld, arises from the high dielectric constant of water which is contained inside the flesh of the hand (If I remember correctly, it makes up over 80% of the human body, hands included). If I am not wrong, water has the highest dielectric constant in nature and is in the neighbourhood of 80, that being the case, then, there is normally a despicedly low capacitance at the insulating strips which separate both the antennas due to electric lines closing over the – extremely low d.c.- air which surrounds them but, when the left corner strip is gripped by homonimous side hand then, the lines close “more tightly” extraordinarlly increasing the inner electric field of the “equivalent capacitor value” and practically circuitly shorting the two antennas, this, in turn, weakens to a high degree (or attenuates alike) the induced RF votage that inputs the receiver. So, the fix is either to cover both neighbouring metallic zones of the left corner strip with a low dielectric constant deep tape, bumper or case or, if feasible, make a cut on the bottom metal band very near to the left corner. The final result being a very low value stray capacitance, and therefore, very high impedance to RF voltages. It seems to me.

    The S/W modification for the algorithm which implements the measurement value of the RF induced voltage, if needed, as already mentioned by several people, will only be an issue of displaying a lower number of bars, to the best of my knowledge the function to be used should be a logarithmic one in order to have a “dB” display.

    From Argentina, with love.

  • Oscar14A

    This video is so true, but the white iPhone will always be better then the black iPhone. Just like white chocolate is better then dark chocolate hahaha

  • Mariano Jorge Fainstein

    Hey, friends, look at the photo of the Motorola Quench!, you will see four black strips which would mean four antennas but, those strips are placed on the correct positions, namely, on the upper side and below the bottom where they are never “gripped” by the palm of one’s hand or its fingers, when the device is used for talking (that antique human activity!).