iTunesApple just released iTunes 9.2, which comes with a few new features necessary before next week’s release of iOS 4 to ensure compatibility between this firmware and the devices.

iTunes 9.2 features and improvements include:

  • Sync with iPhone 4 to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on-the-go
  • Sync and read books with iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 and iBooks 1.1
  • Organize and sync PDF documents as books. Read PDFs with iBooks 1.1 on iPad and any iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4
  • Organize your apps on your iOS 4 home screens into folders using iTunes
  • Faster back-ups while syncing an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4
  • Album artwork improvements make artwork appear more quickly when exploring your library

Jailbreakers and people who plan to jailbreak their iPhones or iPads should stay away from iTunes 9.2 for the time being.

According to the Dev Team, Don’t install today’s iTunes 9.2 if you plan on using Spirit for fresh JB (but it’s fine for PwnageTool & redsn0w users).

If your iPad has already been jailbroken with Spirit, then everything will work fine. If however you plan on jailbreaking your iPad with Spirit, it will be caught in a boot loop.

  • Arthur

    So what will happen if you’ve already upgraded your iTunes?

  • Your screwed!

    Well if your wanting to use Spirit anyway!

  • Alex

    Well not really. Just install an early version of iTunes and jailbreak your iPhone using spirit. Once you jailbreak it…then upgrade if you want to the new iTunes.

  • Uninstall the iTunes 9.2 and reinstall iTunes 9.1 or below.

  • Well yes you could do that but that’s too much time consuming lol

  • Yeah!!! But you made it sound as if there’s no turning back. You can scare the shit out of people. Especially to those who are new to this jailbreaking.

  • Al

    My iPhone 3G 8GB is jailbroken via blackra1n RC3. I updated to iTunes 9.2 yesterday and synced up my iphone with it. Jailbreak is still there and working fine.

  • greytone

    All the more glad I don’t use iTunes to manage my iProducts anymore.

  • Darthjitsu

    So, if my phone (3gs) is already jailbroken (spirit). Then I have nothing to worry about when upgrading my iTunes? This is ONLY for people who plan on jailbreaking?

  • Burge

    Just downloaded iTunes 9.2 and jailbroke a iPod 2g mc model all working ok. Just doing test of cydia !!!

  • Burge

    Cydia working

  • Burge

    I’ve used spirit

  • Burge

    Just about to test my 3gs mc model on iTunes 9.2 I will be back to let you know how it goes. Bye for now

  • Burge

    Jailbroke 3gs mcodel with spirit with iTunes 9.2 on windows pc with xp on it. All works ok. So why are we told not to download. 9.2 to jailbreak with spirit.
    Can any one answer this for me please 

  • Sy cook

    Thanks for the warning on this blog will warn the members of

  • FunnyJr


    Things that make you hmmm??

    Its suppose to send u in a boot loop according to test.

    But you are saying it doenst

    Things that make you go hmmm??

  • Savl

    I download Itunes 9.2 and then I did the jailbreaking thing to my Ipad and……….something is not right!!! My Ipad became kinda slow and I couldn’t find the hackulous installous thing in cydia!! I then tried to look for an older version of Itunes but couldn’t find one! And here is where the problem comes into play, where the F. Can I find Itunes 9.1 or below. Send me a link please!!! I feel like the walls are closing in and I can’t breathe! My time is running out!!!!!


    I acquired a iphone 8GB from a friend, but it doesn’t work, they are no longer in the picture so I’m trying to use the phones. Can someone pleadse help? I don’t think its unlocked but how would I know, I have a T-mobile sims card. Is it possible to use it with my Sim card?

  • Ashkay

    i cant get past browse. it dosent recognize my ios 4 software. what can i do?

  • jake

    i recently bought an ipad and jailbroke it with spirit and itunes 9.2 but know it seems to have crashed any help please

  • killi

    I used 9.2 and spirit to jailbreak a ipad 32gb wifi +3g version and have notice the process takes much longer to identifiy and jail break but it seems to have worked. You need to keep trying to install packages but once one is done it starts working.

  • ecg

    I bought a used iPhone 3G (I believe it was 3.2.1) locked to Rogers (Canada) carrier. I then had someone unlock and jailbreak it (they used blackrain) so that I could use Fido (Canada) at home and a SIM (Wind) while traveling in Italy. I’ve been in Italy for a month and used the phone up until 2 weeks ago when it wouldn’t turn on anymore. I’d been using a european charger (perhaps that’s why?).
    I took it to a place in Turin that specializes in Apple products but they couldn’t get it to turn on. I finally was able to restore it on a Mac but it upgraded to iTunes 9.2 (61). I then took it back to that store and they were able to downgrade it to 3.2.1. However, I’ve lost all my contacts, photos etc. and it’s locked and not jailbroken anymore.
    Not knowing for sure if it’s been downgraded to 3.2.1 and not knowing about the baseband, is it possible to use Pwanage 4.0 to jailbreak then ultrasnow to unlock? Please help as I really need to use my phone over here and I have another 6 weeks of travel ahead of me.

  • Easiest way to Jailbreak 4.0.2 ASAP.

  • b

    does anybody know how to jailbreak and then unlock iphone 3g with 4 ioss