Battle of the giants, tonight’s match up: iPhone 4 VS iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

Via Engadget and 9 to 5 Mac

  • Alex

    I’m buying one ONLY when the jailbreak and unlock for the new iPhone 4 comes out!…As good as this new iPhone is….there’s no way it compares to my iPhone 3GS that’s jailbroken/unlocked…….that’s just me though.

  • Burge

    IPhone 4 looks very good and I will have one asap, don’t care about jailbreak straight the way because that will happen ( carnt believe I just put that i love jailbreak ) and as for my 6 month old 3gs who knows. My son might get it

  • Jason masters

    I’m buying this asap and when it’s jailbroken And unlocked then my 3gs will go on craigslist for a decent price a nice evolution of a phone can’t wait!!!

  • David

    I didn’t know they had an 8 gig 3gs. I thought they were 16g and 32g only, is that chart right? I hope i can upgrade. I’m really excited to see the quality of the pictures the camera takes.

    Can you shed any light to the rumer that when you upgrade your iphone you’ll be forced to update your data plan, to one of the new limited versions?

  • larry

    Green highlights for the better option, right? Why are we saying that microSIM cards are inferior to SIM cards?