Do you want to watch live TV on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? It’s now possible thanks to Hauppauge and their WinTV-HVR TV tuner boards.

According to the company’s press release:

Live TV for these Apple devices is provided by Hauppauge‘s “WinTV Extend”, which will be a feature in Hauppauge‘s new WinTV v7.2 application.  WinTV Extend transmits live TV to Internet and WiFi connected devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and others. The WinTV v7.2 application provides live TV and TV recording to PCs equipped with a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR TV tuner.

Soon available for $9.95, the new WinTV Extend feature will take the live TV signal and transmit it over the Internet where it can be received by any web browser via Safari. More details will be available on Hauppauge’s website soon.

I’m not enough of a TV fanatic to make use of this but you might… What do you think?

  • Jed

    I already do this with ORB and my haupauge tuner. What will be the difference?

  • Ricardo Pinto

    jed – How do you do it? What is ORB?? Thanks

  • Burge

    All ready got somthing like this in the UK. We got 21 channels to watch and it’s free

  • Burge

    P.s it work over wifi and 3G

  • Dave01568

    Orblive is great but it’s an app. Win-tv v7.2 (not released yet) is over iPhone safari browser.
    $ 9.99 for both but win-tv is free for people who have there tunerc ard install disc

  • Sy cook

    In uk there’s a website that let’s u watch every tv channel live and it’s free 🙂

  • Richard

    They actually want to charge for it…lol

    and yeah wenalreasy have something like
    this in the uk

  • john

    I got slingbox and the slingplayer mobile app…… the same way. Best thing I ever got.

  • Ricardo Pinto

    John, are you from the US? Slingbox works only in the US??? How much did you spent with slingbox and slingplayer?

    I live in Portugal and i’m affraid that slingbox might not work in the Portuguese TV Cable.

    Thank you very much for your help

  • imeili

    TBS PCI-E DVB-S2 card is the first PCI Express satellite TV card for watching and recording TV on computer. It supports both DVB-S2 and DVB-S programs receiving. It uses computer CPU for MPEG2 or H.264 MPEG4 decoding. Driver and DVB softwares have to be installed before using. It’s compliant with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux Ubuntu/Fedora. It can be used for one way internet via satellite or satellite data download. It’s supported by most popular DVB softwares like ProgDVB, DVBDream, DVBViewer, AltDVB, Skynet, Skygrabber, TSreader…

    • Frozen

      I have a data plan on my iPhone which is limited. How much data will WinTV Extend use? – well I read the answer to this on their hauppauge web site and it said 450mb for 10 hrs (45mb per hr) so I used it for a total of just 6 hrs knowing that should be under my plan allowance (400mb) – but I just got a bill for $ 620.00 from my 3G provider it uses 275mb per hr – not 45mb (275 @ $0.50c per mb ( charged when I go over my plan ) =$137.00 per hr- so not good to use on 3G network unless you have a massive plan I am now having to pay off my bill and have not heard back from  hauppauge about the answer on their web site – I can only hope that others will see this post before trying it like I did – I now only use it over wifi – I learnt the hard way and wont use it over 3G again ( which by the way was the main reason I wanted it )