A few days ago I shared with you a hack to make your iPhone apps run in full screen mode on your iPad. This hack requires a few steps that might scare away those of you who don’t feel like playing with the core files of applications.

Lucky for us, one of my favorite jailbreak developer, Ryan Petrich, created FullForce, an application that “force selects applications to show in full screen iPad mode, even if the developer hasn’t certified them as compatible”.


The result? Even if an application like Facebook can’t be properly displayed in full screen mode on your iPad, FullForce will work its magic and make the app fit the whole screen without pixelizing it.

You can download FullForce from Cydia for free. Once installed, go to the settings.app and in the FullForce options, select the applications you want to force.

Note that FullForce doesn’t work with all applications. Just like the hack, text based apps such as Facebook and Tweetie work best in full screen mode.

FullForce is developed specifically for iPad so it can safely be added to the list of iPad compatible jailbrak apps.

  • That’s a good one. I need my puzzle game on full! If you have tried Tetris or Bejeweled, you would really be interested to try out StarFaces. Certainly one of the best iPad app. I had
    played this game on my iphone for a while and now I have it for ipad
    and its great! Love the photos option

  • Thefallen

    I tested it with Skype and Ragdoll Blaster apps and it didn’t work. Great jb app if they can make it fully compatible.

  • Aaniya

    My iphone doesn’t display a particular blog properly…i mean i am facing problem in viewing a particular website…what can be the problem….