No, we’re not about to have an awkward talk about the birds and the bees. In noticing the many scuffs and scratches on the back of my beloved iPhone, I remember thinking I probably should have used protection.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried to be a good iPhone owner. I use screen protectors regularly, and have tried to keep it in a case, several times in fact. The conclusions I have come to are as such: the decent looking silicon cases I tried didn’t add too much bulk to the phone, but would stretch out and attract tons of lint and dust, so would be useless after just weeks of usage. The thicker plastic cases I tried that were 2 pieces that snapped together, were constantly coming undone, so they were more of a headache than anything.

I’ve dropped my iPhone a few times, without a case on it, and you can definitely tell it’s been through a lot.  In my opinion Apple should go to rubber or matte backs, but at least they’re not that aluminum back of the earlier models.

It’ll be interesting to see what Apple has in store for the next model of the iPhone, especially after seeing the technology they have in the iPad. Until then though I need to keep my current iPhone 3G safe from any horrible mishaps. What do you guys think, do you use protection for your iPod Touch or iPhone, and if so, and good recommendations for a lightweight, durable case that stays put?

  • Jeffery

    Good ol otter box. Sure it attracts dust and lint but you simply wipe it off. I’ve dropped in on concrete asphalt mud a lot and there isn’t a single scratch on my 3gs.

  • oi~

    yea.. while i’m not a big fan of it i do use a case, the iSkin Solo, adds good protection without bulking the device too much.. only occasions i dropped my iPhone was inside on carpet/vinyl.. another reason (and yes i am a nitpicker/hairsplitter :} the chrome bezel is slightly raised on one side of my iPhone and it irritates me to “feel” that :}

    (yes, i swapped my iPhone 2 times… but it still has that “issue”)

  • The thing I hate about protective cases is when I go to pull from my pocket and start fumbling around — as Cody mentions, it’ll be awesome when we finally get a protective case that is cheap, durable, lightweight, easily removed (or put into) pockets.

  • Derick

    The best thing I have found is a Vaja Case. I had my phone sitting on my dash of my pickup, turned a corner and my phone decided to slide off my dash and out the window. I ended up with a couple of scratches in the case by the camera. Phone saved because of the case. The Vaja case I have is the ivolution.

  • Kylerayk

    I have used about 50%of the cases out there because of my selling iPhones. The otterbox is a tank- indestructable, but not able to fit in a suit pocket w/o notice. I now carry a leather hip holder with a Zagg on the whole phone. I’m pretty careful with it. With the other cases, my accessories are not able to be plugged in unless I removed the case. What a pain. My 3Gs on Tmobile is my personal phone, so it’ll show some wear b/c I use it 24/7. So far, so good.

  • It’s the Incipio Feather for me. Essentially it is what you described as a ‘rubber or matte back’. It collects a little dirt, but I just remove it occasionally and clean the phone and cover.

    It came with some screen protectors, but they annoyed me far too much, with corners lifting etc, so now I take the risk – I’m generally pretty careful with gadgets and haven’t broken a phone yet….[touches wood]

  • Matt

    I would never use an actual case. I want my iPhone to remain sleek & beautiful. Therefore, I use bestskinsever & Zagg Invisible Shield. Personally, always pick BSE because they are cheaper.

  • Scott

    Otterbox all the way!

  • Nick

    I recommend using the iBand case from Tech21. I’ve been using it for about a year now and it’s definitley been one if the best ones I’ve ever had.

    I rencently checked there site and bow they have version two out that has the holes cut out for all the buttons. Plus there is a hard case version too, I thought about getting one of those also.

  • Randall

    Mr Ben

    I used to use the incipio feather but it didn’t cover the chrome bezel on the phone and I hated that. So I bought the Griffin Clarifi for my 3gs and I love it.

  • Jim

    Otterbox Commuter!

  • NonoKurd

    Incase bamboo… Lightweight, sleek and very tough!

  • Bazmati2020

    I use switcheasy rebel serpent, brilliant two piece case, been using nearly a year & had drops no problem, slips in & out of picket not yoo much bulk. Has nice extras (power bung,screen protector) got 1 for brother, he’s a builder & it’s safe & sound too. Ordered their new nude case so looking forward to trying it out.

  • Nic

    I use the case mate case, it keeps the phone looking slim so you can barely tell you have a case on it & I love how you can still see the apple logo on the back of the phone