Geohot is back at it, this time with an untethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.X.

This is what he wrote on his blog just minutes ago:

The jailbreak is all software based, and is as simple to use as blackra1n. It is completely untethered, works on all current tethered models(ipt2, 3gs, ipt3), and will probably work on iPad too.

Don’t ask about a release date. You won’t make it happen any sooner.

I’d like to give you more details but I’m currently writing this from a car between Hanoi and Ninh Binh, Vietnam with obviously limited resources.

It does look like this new jailbreak tool won’t be ready anytime soon, bu it’s still a good news for those of you who have to kickstart their iPhones with BlackRa1n everytime they reboot.

Thoughts? Comments?

  • I suspect we won’t see this until iPhoneOS 4.x / iPad release. Releasing this any sooner would be silly.

  • Phayzer

    Ok maybe i missed it in the video but where does it show its a jb 3gs iphone with the latest version? I can make a video like that with my jb 3g 3.1.2

  • @Phayzer He’s actually using an iTouch 3G, demonstrating Voice Control, proving it’s not a Touch 2G and that it does have the latest bootrom. So no, it’s not a fake.

  • iPhone 3GS


    The point of the video is to show that it is in fact an iPod touch 3g that has an untethered jailbreak. The background on his home screens show that Winterboard is active, so it’s jailbroken. The headphones are shown to show it’s an iPod touch instead of an iPhone (placed on top). Voice control is shown to prove it’s a 3rd gen touch. The restarting of the iPod is to prove that it is untethered.

  • Mark

    Exciting news! Keep us posted!

  • Jeffery

    Yes! I knew he would come through for us.

  • greytone

    I’m a little confused. I jailbroke my 3gs a few months ago using blackra1n and I’m able to reboot without plugging just fine, and have been ever since the jailbreak. Is that not the way it’s supposed to work?

  • greytone

    *plugging in.

  • chtrich

    Sweet. Been waiting for an untethered for my ipt3g

  • TimW

    @ Greytone
    earlier ‘s’ models can avoid tethering

  • I can’t wait for this to come out. Is this jailbreak going to support OS 3.1.3 or not? I’m sorry if it’s obvious and I just missed it somehow. I’ve always been jailbroken until my new 3GS with new bootrom and OS 3.1.3:

  • AB

    Phayzer: r u new here????
    I cud use my 3gs unlocked only cause of geohot,
    u r such a dumb piece of crap to doubt something what he days….,,,,,

  • C


  • RH

    AB – what a foul and intellectually stunted troll you are, there’s nothing wrong with asking a question. Ever

  • Phayzer

    @AB oh man so sorry im not a geek like u that follow geohot every little moves

    with all the BS geohot came out with, i can doubt what he says. If he is so genious then he should release what he got. Hes waiting why? Coz apple would block what hes got? So dev team or him would find a way like always

    he needs attention thats all
    so yeah go ahead blast me coz i asked a question

  • Sig

    @phayzer even thought geohot really need attention, at least he give n made sumthing for the WORLD iphone doing this u also looks like NEED an attention but wad hav u done so far? For me, if im doing something, i will make sure everything is ok n in order then only i will release it or sell the product..if not, sure ppl will blame me back later..

  • KingZig

    Does anyone know if this will work on broadband 5.12.01

  • KingZig

    On my previous question I meant baseband sorry

  • DM

    I miss my JB so much.. My 3gs had connectivity issues and Apple replaced it and of course it’s got 3.1.3, so I’m anxiously waiting the release.

  • Tbryant

    Can’t wait thanks alot!

  • Tray

    Will this work for the MC models?

  • Frankie

    Hail to GeoHot and Devteam… Without them I might as well use two cups and a piece of string. It would and will be nice to have an untethered jailbreak for my 3Gs mc model, but I’m happy I have anything at all. Good work, can’t wait for the release.

  • ram6748

    sorry kinda new with this.
    how will we know the release date?

  • Ok its april 8th and the ipad is out, so what is geohot waiting for? i really wanna jailbreak my iphone 3gs new bootrom 3.1.3, Apple can patch and stop geohots exploit alot easier if he releases his jailbreak when iphone 4.0 Comes out (in june) so he might as well make us all proud and release this jailbreak now while its in his hands.

  • Michael

    If you look at one of geohots previous blogs he said that there is NO possible way that the ipod touch MC models and 3rd gens would not be jailbroken and untethered. same with iphone 3gs bieng unlocked and jailbroked. He said he researched and said it was impossible. now all of the sudden out of the blue hes discovered something and wants a shit load of money to release it. that sounds a little bit fishy if you ask me. dont let me ruin your hopes. he may be telling the truth. i dont know. but i just dont like the idea of that. They do have buisnesses that jailbreak and unlock the iphones and ipods that are said to have only tethered jailbreaks. for all you know he could have went to one of them. George if you are reading this, i am not accusing you of anything, but if you are just trying to come up with some cash, remember that an act/law was passed that prohibits the soliciting of money over the internet without nothing in return. It is a federal offense.

  • Gino

    I fucked it up i jail broke my iPhone wit blackrain has cydia etc downloaded winterboard then all of a suddendly phone switch off and the iTunes sign with the USB cable sign comes up i couldnt turn it on so i stupidly downloaded the 3.1.3 not knowing what will happend it wiped out everything basically i have. New iPhone im piased off

    So whenis he going to release this app????!????!?? so i can jailbrake my iPhone 3 gs otherwise the iPhone is Boring

  • Niyas

    Jeohot rocks!!!!

  • Blaine


  • bhal

    Gino just run black rain again and your iphone will work

  • Gino

    bhal Yeh i know that now but before i didnt i thought it was fucked so i upgraded to 3.1.3 now im double fuck stupid me when is geohot goma realese tha jailbrake for 3.1.3 the ipad is out Lready come on man pleasee

  • Fareez

    @ Michael

    brother, you need to open. Your eyes wider..he doesn’t do it for money…it’s the scam site that spoiling reputation…look carefully he only ask for. Donation he himself hates people selling the softwares for profit…

  • resgoal

    when will the jb for 3gs 313 be out ??? or is this all aloada bollox

  • Fareez

    @ resgoal

    we just gotta wait..I’m desperate too lolx..

  • Bern

    same here. waiting for the 3.1.3 jb by geohot. i hope he shares it soon.

  • Rick

    I hope its released soon, wish i would have kept my 3G. I still have time to return this pos 3gs

  • mike

    just use redsn0w and verbose reboot and you can unlock everything its just a little more complicated