CyDialer is a new application by Saurik, the developer of Cydia, that aims to bring coverflow-like contact management to your iPhone lockscreen. Instead of launching your and going to the contacts, you can directly flick through your contacts on your lockscreen.

FSM gives a pretty good description of how CyDialer works:

Installing from Cydia, the preferences are accessed from the settings app and you select from them just like Winterboard (another Saurik creation). When exiting, it resprings and you are presented with your favorites (from the phone app) on the lockscreen. You can choose to have your wallpaper showing and a click of the home button, the favorite are there, scrollable just like cover flow from iTunes. Or you can choose to have the contacts show and dismiss with a tap of the home button. Chances of pocket dialing have been minimized by having a 2 step process to actually make the call. Tap the favorite, then slide to dial. Nice and easy.

According to Saurik, what sets CyDialer aside from other similar extensions is the attention to detail and quality of the app. The interface is designed to blend and integrate smoothly  into the lockscreen, and to be easily maintained as Apple releases firmware updates.

I haven’t tested CyDialer myself, but it sure looks like a great app (and a good compliment to Cyntact. CyDialer is available from Cydia for $1.74.

What do you think of this app? Have you tried it yet?

Image: iHackinT0sh

  • T-Will

    $1.74 seems like an off-the-wall price…

  • IPhoNerd

    I don’t personally prefer to run any application when the phone is locked. Otherwise there is mo point locking ur phone. In this case I am afraid that you may dial a person by mistake while thinking that your phone is locked.

  • T-Will

    Cydget allows multiple gadget screens, so you can tell Cydget to display the default lock screen first, then set CyDialer as a secondary lock screen that you switch to by tapping the Home button.

  • Gustavo

    I try it, it looks kind of nice
    the way you scroll is exactly as cover flow
    good job by Saurik
    I think is a very handy app

  • Hey , its a great app, I also used intelliscreen. But to dial from lockscreen is great.

  • Dreadnutz

    Nice idea but is it practical?
    I mean 2 big problems, Most of us would be flipping our fingers of the hinges to find one name in hundreds of contacts, of which less than 10% have a photo so now I would have to use up tons of precious memory to keep lots more photos or it would look like a lot of empty boxes scrolling.

    Second problem won’t this bypass of the slide unlock mean that everytime I put my hand on the screen it might dial whatever number happens to be showing? Could be bad news if your F’in around, and it calls the wife or G. Friend by mistake (lol)

  • T-Will

    1. I think it only lists your phone Favorites, not your entire contact list (I haven’t tried it so I’m not positive).

    2. You can set Cydget to display CyDialer as a secondary Lockscreen, so it always displays the default lockscreen if your phone turns on in your pocket.

  • Viking

    Nice app..
    now I’m gonna call Amit Sharma in Haryana and see what he thinks about this 😉

  • Pr.Abdelazim Alhelaly

    Very Usefull Program

  • Amit Sharma

    Please stop calling me … and I look NOTHING like Altair.

    Also, ever since iOS4, Cydialer has caused Mobile Substrate to crash.

  • Kelerika

    When will it be available for ios4?

    • Pr.Abdelazim Alhelaly

      Please Noteme when it is available for ios4 Many Thanks

  • jimt29

    Works as advertised.

    Uses favorites and they can be arranged to suit. You have to slide to unlock/call the selected contact. Simple and easy and I think safe to use. No problems so far.