I remember my good old Nokia 8210. It was about 10 years ago and this nice little piece of technology would already let me create different profiles to fit different situations of the day. For example, I had a “night” profile where everything was silent with no vibration; I had a “work” profile where everything was silent with vibrations; I had a “normal” profile where everything would ring and vibrate, etc…

Fast-forward 10 years and about 10 other cellphones later, and here I am, with a $560 iPhone not capable of creating different profiles. It’s not a big surprise. Apple is deliberately handicapping the iPhone and releasing must-have features (hint: copy/paste) one at a time.

Fortunately for iPhone users, there is the jailbreak community which really helps make the iPhone the best phone by developing all these important features that Apple won’t let you have until year 2027.

MyProfiles is one of these great applications only available for jailbroken iPhones, and lets you create different profiles for your iPhone.

Find yourself constantly changing the settings on your iPhone depending on what you’re doing or where you are? How about getting alerted when a critical email comes in from your boss? What about being able to sleep at night without being disturbed, unless it’s a call from a loved one? Wish you didn’t have to keep changing the auto-lock function when you’re charging at your desk? Do all of this and more with MyProfiles!


  • Custom alerting of email based on Subject, Sender, Sent Only to You, and Mail Accounts.
  • Custom alerting of SMS messages and missed calls based on caller phone #.
  • Modify the Vibrate Pattern so you can be quietly alerted to a specific email.
  • Repeating Alerts for Email, SMS, and Missed Calls.
  • Silence Calls via WhiteList or BlackList
  • Escalating Rings and Vibrate 1st then Ring
  • Adjust WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Push Email, Auto Lock, and 3G based on Location, Time of Day, and more.
  • Automatic rules engine to enable profiles
  • Manual Override Profile by holding down the home button and pressing up and down on the Volume buttons.

I haven’t personally tried MyProfiles but I hear great things about it, even though it’s still in beta. MyProfiles is available for jailbroken iPhones only via Rock Your Phone.

  • DavidG

    “Fast-forward 10 years and about 10 other cellphones later, and here I am, with a $560 iPhone not capable of creating different profiles. It’s not a big surprise. Apple is deliberately handicapping the iPhone and releasing must-have features (hint: copy/paste) one at a time.”

    I find this particular, widespread sentiment to be among the most ridiculous I’ve encountered following any product over many years. It implies that the market is obliged to always provide the most feature-rich product at any product point, regardless of other factors or the way in which the product was advertised.

    Apple has always stated that its niche is to provide everyday consumers with a lot of productivity/creativity power in a problem-free and intuitive manner. To this end, they’ve pursued a closed ecosystem centered around software concepts that run on optimized hardware.

    Apple never claimed to make a product that provides everything to everyone or that beats feature lists of competitors. If you remember the state of smartphones back in 2007, it was pretty sad. In the US, at least, you had a bunch of feature phones laden with co-branded crapware pushed by the carriers or the stylus-based WinMo 6.1 system that provided the kitchen sink at the expense of a very cluttered, technie interface.

    iPhone came along and said here’s a phone in which Apple has spent time figuring out an easy to use way to implement the major functions required in a smartphone, in a way that would allow non-smartphone users to migrate and immediately enjoy. Part of the process of coming up with a good industrial and software design was to simplify. The more features, the more complex the interface and the more states the phone can be in (making it complicated for many users). This is why we now have two-finger pinch gestures instead of using a stylus to drag window corners.

    This type of design isn’t easy. Anyone who’s tried it has encountered the situation in which after coming up with the perfect, most elegant interface for a given application, the addition of another feature messes everything up by forcing you to tack something on ad hoc. Figuring out how to expand features while preserving a clean UI is tough. Apple waited with copy and paste because of Steve Jobs’ obsession with these sort of details and wanting to fit this function into the existing UI paradigm, plain and simple. If you like such attention to detail, than accept that this is the process by which it takes place. If you like ad hoc functions added on all the time, pick another platform.

    Arguing that cut and paste was held back deliberately is silly, especially since it eventually came for *free* and offered no competitive advantage when it did come (considering that, as you say, other phones already had it). Speaking of which, how many other phones out there have allowed firmware upgrades over 3 generations of product (3.1 runs on even the oldest iPhones)? Until iPhone, the answer was zero. You got the update the carrier wanted you to have or had to download a WinMo kitchen or cooked ROM and hack your phone with the update.

    Whether the iPhone model is to the liking of any specific consumer is the purchaser’s responsibility to figure out and to spend their money accordingly.

    • Mark Stein

      oh come on fanboy. i got my iphone for ZERO DOLLARS from AT&T and it’s worth exactly that. Yes, I can program in multiple languages. Yes, my friends all have Droids and the like. Big deal. I can type 175 wpm with all my fingers – can you type that fast “swiping”? And on and on. I had a Palm Pilot 10 years ago that of course worked with a stylus and didn’t have a phone (that came later as the failed Pre) but it was faster by far, had as much memory, was more capable than the iPhone, and on and on. The iPhone’s just a telephone with hobbled programming (do I hear jailbreak?) that you paid lots of money for. You’re a fool. Let’s listen to some MP3s and watch a few videos. Wow! It was all just invented yesterday or last week; not “back in the day…”

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the comment. I believe this is not your first comment here and that your past comments were all very insightful.

    I see you have an MIT email address. What do you do there? Do you teach or are you a student?

    At any rates, it’s nice to have some very well constructed comments like yours on the blog.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  • David

    Hi David,

    I agree with you and understand what you’re saying about the Apple way of simplifying. Still I think that profiles are fairly basic, just like you’d expect to see other basic features such as vibration, which some phones still don’t have.

    I think that a more satisfying solution to meet Apple’s simplicity is to have “advanced mode”, which enables some features that the average user might find confusing.

    My 2 cents..

  • WilliamDeny

    This app can be downloaded in cydia, but you must have a Rock your iphone profile to pay the $6.99 before you can use the app.

    $6.99 for a beta?

    Looks like it will cost 12.99 upon release.


  • iGadget

    The average age of an Apple customer for their desktop products use to be over 45, and they targeted non-technical (aka non-geek) audiences such as senior citizens and educational establishments, both of which want trouble-free, non-flashy, “just do what I want” solutions.

    This has carried over to the iPhone, and the lack of cut/copy/paste, inability to run non-Apple background apps, and forced ‘sandbox compliance’ fits in with this target audience, and also cuts the number of user bug complaints to zero. ‘Missing features’ are not bugs, and don’t attract the same negative press coverage. How long until the first malicious apps come in and start dumping our email and website passwords, and how much bad press will that produce for Apple?

    I like extensibility, I want profiles, and I would like to have background apps running if I want them. I think Android’s system of requesting permissions for any bacground task is a great compromise, and I hope that Apple will one day introduce a similar concept, but I understand perfectly why they have taken their current marketting approach. This is about sales, not ‘geek satisfaction’.
    Can you imagine 1 million senior citizens out there trying to setup their MyProfiles app? Yikes!

    I bought an Android phone 4 months ago, used it for 2 months, and I’m now about to sell it as I’ve gone back to the iPhone. Last night I jailbroke my iPhone, so now I can reinstall the utilities I love such as SBSettings, so once again I’m happy 🙂

    Overall, I agree that profiles should have been included, as should so many other ‘standard’ features available from the likes of Nokia. I think they should either stop fighting jailbreakers and accept them as a solution for geeks, or they should provide the means of extending the iPhone OS for those who choose to allow ‘dangerous’ apps on their phones.


  • Dr. Christopher

    I want profiles and it’s fairly basic thing.

    Rock your phone are big money suckkers. They sell you app and then sometimes charge you for upgrade. Or they will remove features from existing app, create another app. I cannot justify myself to pay $6 for beta version…or pay $15 for intelliscreen and then suffer.

    Any recommendation for profiles app?

  • Brooke

    Re this program and SBScheduler: are all these profiles time or place dependent? I’d really like to set up profiles that I could invoke on the fly. Is that possible? Am I missing something obvious?

  • Lucky

    i believe, Steve Job is smart enough to figure out that cut/copy/paste, profiles, mms, mass storage, easy file transfer over bluetooth, custom ringtones, themes, etc are basic features which any normal mobile user may be looking for. But using his great marketing skills he gave us iphone1st gen with none of these feature. later dev team came in focus. custom theme on iphone was made possible by developers, but dev team gave them exposure on installer. then mms & mass storage became possible( again thnx to dev team). when apple came to know about this possibilities are exposed, they gave mms feature with 2.x update. very same time they allowed us officially custom ringtones (for phone calls only) and lauched APP STORE. After this lauch, many developers moved APP STORE. Later on file transfer over bluetooth became possible with limited accessibilities. One thing i must admit, even tough apple has not allowed us all the features with 1st gen iphone and not allowing ALL the features in next iphone too, they have successfully attracted their users to buy new iphone.

    @ David, Steve is really smart. his team has worked very nicely. then WHY did they fail to resolve issue of antenna in iphone4? Some rumor says that steve was aware of this issue. then why did he allowed his production team of iphone4?

    Some questions are still unanswered. Only steve knows.

    And by the way Video calling is possible since last 2years(approx.). So face time is not any new feature either.

  • billy

    @Lucky and others. I think you are missing the basic point David made ealier. Apple knows that these features are already there and they are basic and important. But Steve is more concerned about HOW they are delivered and how they interact with the who infrastructure.

    Obviously Steve is not the only smart guy around and, therefore, other people, like the dev team or erika sadun have come up with some really smart functionality apps that even Steve is envious of. What I like about apple/steve is that when they do implement something – it actually works very well with no qualms. I still understand why I can’t just forward an SMS – I love copy and paste but a forward button would save me a few more touches would it?

    Also wonder why the iPhone cannot tell that a user’s name already exists when I am creating a new contact – this happens when you are adding another number or email to the same person- do I always have to check if a person exists before I can go back to create a new contact. That is time wasting.

  • dave

    “works with no qualms” Billy?

    the alarm clock is off by an hour when there is a daylight savings change.. Apple has your email address, but they make NO ONE aware of the flaw..even when its made aware 2 weeks earlier in Australia. any other company would release a 11pm patch to fix the error (or atleast email your customers from your massive app store email database).. apple saves it for their next major update. i will never buy another apple product again. they dont care about their customer base.

    steve jobs doesnt care about how his features are delivered. . he just cares that he gets a press release when he announces something new and hardly innovative (ipad, which gen1 is essentially a itouch with a larger screen..down to the guts.)

  • Steve

    This is classic Jobs! If Apple doesn’t look at history (Apple vs PC/Microsoft), they will start to lose Iphone users to Android. I came from Blackberry and miss the custom ring profiles. If Apple does not offer this option soon, I will which to Android. My Iphone will go the way of my Apple computer.

  • Daniel

    I too have just migrated from Blackberry and bought 2 iPhone 4’s for my business. This is standard on BB’s, I am staggered that I can’t even buy an Apple app to change my sound profiles.

    Steve Job why aren’t you sorting out this obviously very old short coming?

  • Marco

    I’ve had people tell me that once i get my iphone, i was going to be so impressed and happy. Well, they lied. I can’t do some basics like creating profiles!? The keyboard is a nightmare when it comes to using punctuations, etc. It’s just so much work typing a note. In my opinion, the Apple people should be listening to what people need.

  • Gerrie

    I’ve been using Nokia for the past 14 years. All communicators and absolutly brilliant bussiness tools. 9200, then 9500 and E90. Upgraded to htc toutch pro2, was my worst move phonewise. Got an iphone a week ago and it is growing on me. The profiles is a big issue. I am used to running a profile for bussines hours, meeting, nightmode and silent. Now i have to go into settings every night to switch off my message notifications cause waking up by some promotional sms or email is no good. Quite a pain. On my nokia i allowed only family phone numbers to ring during the night profile leaving me contactable during emergencies. The profiles are not just for conviene, but it help jou sleep well and be reached durind emergencies. Dont think apple ever thought about the real ussage of profiles other than gimmics.

    Not great to jailbreak a new phone just for profiles. Apple wake up!