Yesterday Apple unveiled a new line of iPods, including the Nano and the iPod Touch. Unlike what everybody was expecting, the iPod Touch didn’t come with a camera. Steve Jobs gives an explanation to the NY Times:

“Originally, we weren’t exactly sure how to market the Touch. Was it an iPhone without the phone? Was it a pocket computer? What happened was, what customers told us was, they started to see it as a game machine,” he said. “We started to market it that way, and it just took off. And now what we really see is it’s the lowest-cost way to the App Store, and that’s the big draw. So what we were focused on is just reducing the price to $199. We don’t need to add new stuff. We need to get the price down where everyone can afford it.”

That’s interesting how a $149 iPod Nano gets a video camera with speaker and microphone but yet, the $399 iPod Touch doesn’t. Steve says they wanted to cut the price and not give more features. I say “bullshit”.

What Apple wants to do is to give you one reason (the price) to buy an iPod Touch this year and another reason to buy another iPod Touch next year when it finally comes with a camera.

This is exactly what pisses me off with Apple. They give you very basic features one at a time so you always have a good reason to buy the latest product. They did exactly the same with the iPhone. Video recording and copy/paste could have been implemented since day 1 but instead, Apple decided to wait as long as they could.

This is not a proper way to do business. If anything, this is a way to take your customers for fools.

What do you think of all this?

  • iPhoNerd

    For more than 15 years I am PC user and I’m tired of PC and it’s frequent crashes. I really want to switch to mac and I can afford it too. But I simply don’t want to throw my money at apple bcz their system is stable. I want something like mac pro but I’m not willing to pay 3000 for it. I rather stick to my crashing pc with some restore some times. Look at their mac mini, their so called affordabe mac. lol look at the configuration and you will be like what the heck??? 600 bucks for 2.6 processor 1gb ram 120gb 4200 rpm HDD? You must be kidding me Steve jobs? I totally agree with this blog. No cam and fm for 400 iPod touch. But for less than 200 u get it on a nano??? Yeah right Steve. You really making iPod touch affordable lmao …

  • Idgy

    I used to have total faith in Apple. Used to say I would buy anything they sell. Now I just see them as the GREEDY Company they truly are.

  • Shannon

    I totally agree, I waited as long as possible since the iPhone came out to get mine!

  • Tek

    Yea! I totally agree!!! Whats with apple trying to promote “cut copy & patse”, “mms” and “video recording”?? Those features have been around other mobile phones years back. And they call iphone a revolutional device. They should market it for thier apps and web browser which i think are the bomb! Loving thd iphone but hating apple and my carrier, Maxis. Pfffttttt!!!!!

  • Irha

    I agree completely about Apple’s business practices, and I hate them as much as you do, though I love my iPhone. But to be technically correct, I had to point this out. Most of the new features that apple kept us waiting in the newer firmwares are also available for the oldest iphone, so it is not like they did this so you need to upgrade your iphone to get them. Just wanted to point out that this is a wrong example to give.

  • T-Will

    The thing you guys fail to understand is that Apple answers to the shareholders and this is a way to continue to make profit. It’s pretty crappy for the customers, but it’s a free market and you can choose not to buy Apple products. Personally, I don’t go for the incremental upgrades, I’m still using a 1st Gen iPhone and don’t plan on upgrading until the generation after the 3GS.

  • Str8Evil

    Absolutely, positively, totally agree!!! I too have grown tired of their savvy business sense. Hey Steve Jobs, stop raping your loyal customers… We love your company and its products, but WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!

  • W7User

    I agree 100% and a good I told you so fits in nicely here because I knew something like this would happen. It was the same story with the iPhone 3g and 3GS… Apple my friends is running out of ideas and are holding back on adding features, in the end it will bite them in the ass because other companies will take notice and close the gap. Most importantly is the fact that more and more people are becoming fed up with Apple’s Bullshit !

  • chimmay

    i totally agree, there greedy, they should jsut put it all in at once. theyre pissing off alot of ppl. but they still have the best products. damn you apple!

  • Apple is so greedy and horrible . Can’t just release basic features . They should do that so they can get more money . Who agrees?

  • EL

    Yes, we are all just being taken for a ride by apple. By the way, iPod nano has an inbuilt speaker now? Like the iPod touch?

  • Ethan

    This just makes me hate apple. Before, they were bearable with their expensive prices and annoying little scams on iTunes but this does it for me. As soon as my warranty is up on my touch, I’m moving to Zune and i have a good feeling i will be extremely happy. By then Microsoft should come out with something similar to the iTouch. Steve jobs deserves a kick in the nuts for the way he runs apple.

  • Arsen

    If you red the latrar news it should have had the camera but at last, for some hardware bugs, has been removed! There is still an empty space inside the iTouch case.

  • nik

    nothing new for me too say I guess. i hate apple cause of their plan of doing just enuf right each year to keep ppl coming back. I love my iPhone but I have to jailbreak it or I feel like I’m slipping into the cult of apple lovers. also I can’t wait till my f***ing AT&T plan is used up. going to t moblie. 😉

  • nik

    love this site btw!

  • shadkreator

    I just uploaded a new app to my jack called the blaze wallet. It seems really cool. I can use it like a credit card but its on my phone. I youtubed the blaze wallet and it shows how to use it for more things than just a credit card. Has anyone else used this new app?

  • It’s called marketing and you don’t have to buy every new release. Buy when they have the features you want.

  • Apple should fully create their products and not send the to the market, piece by piece and people buying it like fresh bread. and if the ipod touch is an iPod, then why dont we use it as a normal iPod without all the Apps??
    apple is just F**king with us.

    correct me if I’m wrong on something :p

  • Nate white

    Really guys? You know your not obligated to buy anything. It can get annoying with new products like every 3 seconds, but if you buy the iPod or iPhone just when it has the features you want you’ll ne less anoyed. Don’t upgrade to an iPhone 3GS just because it’s new and everyone else has one.

  • JayC

    I agree too. But are you positive they are going to make an ipodtouch next year with the camera? Because if so, then I’d rather wait to get that than get a stupid ipod with a video ‘CAMERA’ that doesnt have a ‘CAMERA’

  • this is probably the most true blog on earth. i have the iPod touch 2nd generation and the only way you can really get your moneys worth is jailbreaking it (i do not recommend this (: haha) but i agree they make new things over and over its really dumb, you should just buy ONE of the item then it should be able to be UPDATED. cheapskates… :/

  • I don’t get why the ipod touch does not have a camera,because a almost $400 item compared to a $149 and the $149 has camera that really sucks!!! I don’t agree with the Apple store I think they should quiet doing that because maybe people will start noticing and they will quiet buying!!!

    Really change that!!! I’m not so sure anymore about buying the ipod touch!!!

  • David

    You have a point, apple does exactly what your saying and we fall for it but there is nothing we can’t do until some other company comes out with better devices than apple, I have had all three iPhones and trust me If apple comes out with a better iPhone I’ll be in line.

  • Tucker

    I think it’s bullshit that the itouch and even the ipad does not have a damn camera! Or even a sd card reader built in! WTF Apple!?!?

  • staci

    I have a iPod touch 3rdgen and I was always pissed because no camera I bought the 32gig there should be a camera FUCK U APPLE rippin ppl off and u Steve job u should lose ur Job with apple I hate u lol and sorry about the corny pun lmao but really apple fuck u but u r the best with all ur gadgets lmao ima stop ranting not but really apple I’m switching to orange lmao

  • WTF??!!! It should atleast have a camera!! screencaps aren’t really all you want with a ipod touch I just inherrited my sisters and theres photos on there….. BUT NO CAMERA TO TAKE MORE??!! Bullshit!!!