One of the great new features of the iPhone 3G S is its improved camera lens, and most importantly the fact that it can record videos. After shooting and trimming a video, you can easily upload this video to YouTube, or even email it to a friend. But what if you simply want to import this video to your computer?

There is an easy way to copy a video recorded with your iPhone 3G S to your computer.

If you’re on a PC, go to My Computer and look for “Scanners and Camera”. You should see your iPhone there. Double-click on it and and save your photos and videos to the desired location.

If you’re on a Mac, open the Image Capture app. It will recognize both pictures and videos recorded with your iPhone. Drag and drop the video where you want to save it and that’s it.

  • Scott

    What version of windows are you using. Vista doesn’t have “my computer” scanners and cameras is in the control panel. When I go there it sees my iphone but when I click it it only shows properties, no option for pulling video or pics. Thanks anyway

  • kamil

    you go into my computer and your iphone should be right there,

  • Will

    Wow, so easy! Thx a million.

  • Seam

    I have a big movie I wanna import(1.55gb). but it won’t transfer, I had earlier transfered a 500mb movie, and it worked fine, any ideas?

  • Seam, I’ve got that same problem…

  • I am on XP pro but I can only see photos. Not the videos in the camera and scanner wizard

  • Gaphoogy

    There is no for that, and all these other forums are making you download software to your computer, bs. Since i have a PC, i’ll tell you what i did.
    1)Make sure you iPhone is plugged in to your computer
    2)Open “My Computer”
    3)You should see ‘Portable Devices’ which happens to be your iPhone
    4)Double click it, and you’ll see ‘Internal Storage’
    5)Double click that, and then you’ll see ‘DCIM’ (which means Digital Camera Images)
    6)Now Double click the ‘DCIM’ folder and then you’ll see a few numbers with letters, mine was ‘800AAAAA’
    7)AFter you double click that you should see your files of the pictures and videos you recorded
    8)Just copy them to another folder on your computer
    9) YOUR’RE DONE!!!

    **now the software just makes it easier to find your pictures and videos, but why take up memory on software while you can just go on my computer and find it? just something to think about

    • Ace

      yeah true but if u copy the video if wont let u have the audio

  • I have a Mac and have been looking for a way to do this. Thank you SO much!!

  • Shivers

    My videos all turned sideways when I did this. Help? :/

  • JK

    I Have a Mac running 10.4.11 and I can not see the iPhone on the desktop as a portable device. Therefore I can not drag and drop anything.

  • Dan

    Like Shivers, my videos show either sideways or upside-down. Please help .

  • jesus christ

    great for uploading home made porn. Thank you!

  • Kurt


    Heb 2 vraagjes.
    1. Mijn harde schijf heeft het vorig jaar begeven en dus zijn al mijn programma’s ook verdwenen. Alsook itunes met al de gekochte en opgezette liedjes. Nu geen probleem ze staan nog steeds op mijn ipod maar hoe krijg ik ze in godsnaam terug op mijn itunes (gewoon aansluiten is te gevaarlijk want hij wist automatisch alles dan gezien de itunes leeg is ;-)). Er moet toch een programma bestaan dat dit doet of zo iets?!

    2. Heb me ook ondertussen een iphone gekocht waar ik lustig mee film en foto’s trek maar hoe kan ik bijvoorbeeld filmpjes zodanig verkleinen dat ik ze makkelijk kan versturen via mail?


  • mixana

    Thanks for sharing! And what a clever app Image Capture is. I had no idea.

  • Fabio Silva

    Thanks a lot!!! I have tried so many times with Itunes and have never been able to do it, it is so easy!

  • Izzy

    How can i have my videos imported as AVI files instead of MOV?

  • Henry

    But videos loose their real date. What do I do to conserv the right time of vide capture?

  • Rajendra

    the same problem with my iphone 3g ican’t import video on my phone from pc

  • Rajendra

    how can i transferd my video to iphone3g

  • Hey there. I get Autoplay to import Pictures and Videos. It works fine with Pictures as I don’t have duplicates. However, all my videos get imported in the new date-based folders and I get lots on duplicates. Can anybody help?