Just a few hours after Apple released firmware 3.0 to the public, some smart guy already figured out a way to hack the iPhone to allow free tethering on most carriers, including AT&T. What’s even better about this hack is that you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone.

How to enable free tethering on iPhone 3.0?

1. On your iPhone, launch Safari

2. Go to the following website: http://help.benm.at/tethering.php

3. Find your country, select your provider, and tap “download”.

4. Go to Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering Bluetooth or USB

5. Done!

Is this legal? Well, not really… I suggest you don’t tether your iPhone too much using this hack as carriers have a way to find out and can very well overcharge you or simply disconnect you, as UK carrier 02 reportedly said it would:

Under those terms we reserve the right to charge customers making modem use of their iPhone or disconnect them.

Use with caution…

  • Rob

    Great stuff – thanks for the tip. This worked like a charm!!

  • D

    Didn’t work for my 3G, I went to the website on my iPhone, tried to download the AT&T option, but said Safari couldn’t download it.

  • Chuckles

    I used this to unlock tethering on my friends’ 3G phones running 3.0. Unfortunately, it did not work on my O.G. iPhone. Has anyone tried with the 3G S? Please report.

    @D be sure you have updated to 3.0 before trying this otherwise it won’t work.

  • Herawan

    Dear sir, I could not found country for Indonesia, the provider here is telkomsel …

    please help,


  • liam

    Okay, well im on o2 UK and used a similar hack. And i’ve just got a bill for £77 and I barely used the internet tethering. Really it’s not worth it!

  • Maggy

    Aweson work very well and it is super fast!

  • Over

    I use that for a long time… it’s great… looking forward for sbsettings toggle…

  • junior

    I tried to do it with my 2G….Said safari cant download….i think its cause i dont have 3.0? Correct? I still have 2.2′

  • Basilon

    This doesn’t work anymore, i used to have it, but apple block it a couple of days ago, just to let you u know guys……. so for those of you who are trying to get it and doesn’t work is simply because they blocked the application.

  • five-0

    i have the 3GS and it works fine.. downloaded it yesterday and been using it today

  • Dr

    Worked perfectly for me then got replacement phone and it didn’t work. Strangely have had it working when create a network on osx. Believe it or not have even had it working with tethering off and no software running on iPhone. Can’t figure that one out. I use pdanet when tethering doesn’t wanna play

  • Mug

    When I try to install the US AT&T profile, it asks for a password. What password do I input?

  • avi

    i downloaded it and i changed the setting to on for internet tethering on my iphone. now how do i use the internet through my labtop?

  • dammit

    When you update to get mms you will lose your tethering ability.
    Just so you know.

  • Ash

    Yes please try and put Indonesia on there. I really need it! The providers are “XL, Telkomsel, and Indosat”! Thank you

  • bubba

    I tired various methods to enable tethering and none worked on my 3Gs, including this one. iTunes 9.x – 3.1x – ATT

    My profile say AT&T USA – BenM.at but no tethering option is displayed in network

  • Sam

    I have the 3Gs. When I selected the ATT option Safari closed and something popped up. I clicked install and now it works

  • EagleWatcher

    Is there any update to fix the issue of tethering not coming up after doing the MMS upgrade?

  • greg

    I tried several times and no tethering option. Help. I have 3.1.2 and at&t

  • Donald

    My dad uses this on his 3GS and it works perfectly but unfortunately my iPhone is version 3.1 so it won’t work.

  • Lee

    Running 3.1.2

    Downloaded this, worked instantly. Beautiful – thank you.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Miss Martin

    I did the tethering once before n once I up dated my phone it was gone. I tried to download it again the same way n it let me do everything but wasn’t in my phone after I went through all the downloading steps

  • Henrie

    Guess what?! It’s working in Nigeria (Africa)! But somehow my service provider still charges me. I wonder how. Apart from that the speed is incredible!

  • cyber dude

    Hello everyone,

    First time posting here. I’ve been reading all the hype about tethering and how the wireless provider will be charging extra for tethering. What I don’t understand is how can they charge more for tethering on a account that is considered unlimited data plan. Maybe I lost something in translation.

    If you are doing the same thing and using a laptop to surf the web as opposed to using the Iphone, all you have done is changed the means of viewing that data, you’re not stealing bandwidth as it is unlimited?

    Can some open my eyes on what the definition of unlimited is or start a class action suit when they do start charging for tethering a unlimited data plan. As it is the unlimited data plan for a Smartphone and a regular phone is different by 20 bucks. Hence family plan per unit(cell) $10.00 month regular phone and smartphones $30.00 a month. They say the smartphone uses the internet 100% while the regular phones only use a portion as per website design.

    It’s just stupid to have a Iphone and a Ipad and get both with 3g service.

  • Ben

    I need a hack for teathering ios 4

  • sucre187

    ??? I thought this internet tethering option already came pre-installed? I’m from Singapore and my 3GS already has this option out of the box. 🙂

  • Cojendo

    I didn’t think this still worked. I have the handy light app (now deleted from app store) so I’m ok for now.

    • Rob

      Tried today to install on a 3G with OS 3.1.2 and AT&T. Like Bubba above, installed and shows BenM.at as Profile, but no Tethering option in Network setting. My phone is not jailbroken, but when I look at the simlock, it asks for a password to LOCK it! Any ideas?? Also, is it possible to email apps? Would love a copy of the handy light app! Thanks!

  • ingridejames

    I agree, I am confused about this now.

  • Mark

    Had previously been tethering fine with last iOS update on 3GS but this option has disappeared on ios4.2. I am on XT in nz

  • BB

    It made my tethering option disappear. . . and im running 4.2.1 iPhone 3G

  • Longyos

    Why tethering doesn’t support in Cambodia??? I need it…..please

  • Bunlongyan

    Why tethering doesn’t support in Cambodia??? I need it…..please

  • jack

    this doesn’t work anymore !!!

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