This is my new iPhone theme. I find it absolutely gorgeous! It’s called Aladar and it’s available through the MacCiti repo on Cydia. I tweaked it a little bit so it doesn’t look exactly like the original, but it’s still very close. You will need WinterBoard to activate this theme.

Do you like it?


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  • That is Ugly

    That is fugly…


  • T-Will

    I like it!

    Is there an easy way to assign icons to programs that don’t already have a theme-assigned custom icon?

  • I love it.. but….the only thing that is bad about themes is you cant create icons that look like it.. Meaning they usually only come with 10 or so icons and if you have 6 pages of things you are going to be screwed.. I love the theme I wish I had it but I am not going to get it and sad that halfs looks great and the other icons are normal ones.. Why cant someone that actually makes these thems give you the code or what ever to make them or have a turn around time that more are out for it.. I dont understand.

  • neFos

    thanks 😀

  • neFos

    how to download ?

  • murtaza64

    @Patrick, some themes do that for instance iLLumine. (yes two Ls)

  • John

    Is this theme available out here??