WWDC 2018

iOS 12 includes new Animoji features and personalized Memoji characters

For devices that support it, iOS 12 will include new Animoji features and Memoji, a customizable Animoji character similar to Bitmoji and Nintendo Mii. Among the new Animoji features are tongue detection, which will allow you to make the tongues of your Animoji characters stick their tongues out, as well as new characters like Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex.

Apple announces Shortcuts, a Workflow-like automation app for iOS

Folks hoping to see Apple improve upon its digital assistant Siri in iOS 12 will be happy to hear it has announced a new app called Shortcuts. The app, which looks every bit like the Workflow automation app it acquired a year ago, will allow you to connect ‘Shortcut’ operations to Siri, making complex tasks as simple as speaking a command.