iOS 15.1 supports storing COVID-19 vaccination cards in the Wallet app

Earlier today, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 15.1 to developers. And, as is typical, Apple is making some changes and improvements to the software. The pre-release version of the next update to the mobile operating system adds one definitely noteworthy feature to the mix. Storing vaccination cards for COVID-19 right on the device.

The Wallet app in iOS 15 adds support for I.D. cards and more keys

Apple's promotional image for iOS 15 showing an iPhone with a user's state-issued ID in the Wallet app

During its keynote event for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed a big change for its stock Wallet app. It's been requested plenty of times over the years. And the company itself has said the Wallet app is meant to, eventually, let you actually leave your physical wallet at home. And now it's one step closer.

How to set up Apple Cash Family on iPhone

Apple Cash Family Start Now

For rewarding your child, giving them their allowance, and letting them make a purchase, you can use Apple Cash Family. This feature arrived with iOS 14 as a way for parents to digitally send money to their children and teens.

This is convenient for families who don’t walk around with wads of cash, whose kids use their money for apps or games, or spend money in stores; all with their parent’s permission of course. Here, we’ll show you the requirements for using and how to set up Apple Cash Family.